I’m currently listening to Daddy’s Girl by Lisa Scottoline, it was my most recent purchase from… I haven’t listened to Lisa Scottoline in a long time, I love her! 

A great book to knit by.  So why am I not knitting?  Thanksgiving was to be my time to knit, and yet I only knit about 3 rows on a scarf.  Is that sad or what?  I’m not sure, and dare I say it out loud, because I know it just can’t be true… have I lost (maybe just temporarily) my knitting mojo?  Sure I’ve been really busy at work and it got me away from my normal routine, but why at home am I not able to knit?  Too cold, too tired, what?  I have many things I want to knit, several things I need to knit, and 1 very important sweater to finish for my mom.  Now I have a new laptop!  Yippee for me, but now it is taking me away from knitting too.  Maybe I will try harder tonight, well no, not tonight I have to stop at the store on the way home and that will make me late getting home, and then put stuff away, and do some laundry and eat.  Now it will be like 7:30pm – lots of time for me to knit, or play with my new laptop?  But wait… I know this may sounds crazy, but I think a lot of it has to do with it being dark.  I mean it’s dark on the way home at 5 pm and I’m feeling like it’s 10 pm!!!  I fall asleep earlier, but then wake up just after midnight and watch TV for a couple of hours (that would be good knitting time) I think I have lazy winter disease.

OK, enough for now I have to get back to work, lunchtime is over. (didn’t knit again!) I’ll try hard to get out of this little slump and get some knitting pictures posted soon.


One response to “Listening…

  1. I have found my OTT light is GREAT to help me become more alert and enjoy knitting more now that it’s darker out. Just have to angle it so as not to blind others, LOL!

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