Happy Thanksgiving…

Well here I am at home today, a little sad that I am not spending Thanksgiving with my brother and his family and my mom and her husband.  The weather got the better of us all.  My mom decided not to come over the pass (lots of snow on the way to her).  We have opted to stay home because of the snow and bad roads.  This morning we had freezing rain.  This week has been crazy busy at work and the weather has just been crazy!  Snow, wind, sleet and freezing cold.  Each morning on the way to work I took a few pictures.  Here they are…

Hoquaim bridge... it was closed WAY before the snow.


looking out my dirty front window of my car at the beautiful sky


passing the health department on the way to work


leaving Aberdeen, heading to Montesano


not there yet...


more snow the closer I get to work


I made it to work! This is where I park, next to Julie.

Welp, that was my trip or should I say trips to work this week.

There is always a brighter side to everything, and today my brighter side is that I get to stay in my cozy house (with heat – I’m very thankful for that, because I know there are still some without) and I will have turkey and lots of good stuff to go with it, and KNIT!!!!

OK, dinner is over… and the kitchen is clean!  I hope you have all had a fantastic day.  I’m going to read a few blogs and start knitting.

One response to “Happy Thanksgiving…

  1. so glad we didn’t have to try to go up that bridge in this weather

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