Dosewallips & Knitting…


Entrance to park - love the fall leaves everywhere!

 Last weekend we took a little trip to Dosewallips State Park.  (stayed in space #26) What a great park at this time of year.  Very few people, tons of fall leaves and we got lucky and had very little rain! 

The park is located about 40 minutes out of Shelton, up Hwy 101.  The park is so close to the Hwy that yes, you can hear the traffic.  Lucky for us the spot we were in, you really couldn’t hear anything very often, and only when we were outside. Good thing we had all the hook ups, because I have to tell you… it is getting cold out there, and it was nice to have the heater and not have to use the generator. 

Dosewallips State Park - check-in

This was our longest trip to date, we left Thursday morning and came home on Sunday.  And I took very few pictures on this trip. The dogs loved this park because there was so much good stuff to sniff (elk poop too!).

I did get some knitting done, I started the Clara dress for my friend Marcee.  As of early this morning she is the Grandma of little Lola.  I’m very excited for her and want this dress to be perfect.  The color of the dress reminds me of one of the colors in her wedding, oh so many, many years ago. 

I love this yarn, it is soooo soft!

The pattern is very easy to follow so far, and I’m loving it and the yarn. 

just peachy!

I’m knitting the smaller of the two sizes, and you CO 220!!!  You start off knitting 11 rows of seed stitch.  I love seed stitch, but it takes me so long.  Since this trip I have completed the lace bottom part and now I’m on to the quicker part of the 9 inches of mostly st st knitting.

Update on my first sno-buddie…

Sno Buddie!

I haven’t got the face on him yet, or nose and buttons, and I’ve re-tied the scarf in a much more pleasing way, but you get the idea.  Can’t wait to make more.  He has white beans in the bottom to make him stand up nicely.

I’m off to make a cookie dough cheesecake for my sweetie.


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