Finding Time!

Time just seems to rush by so quickly these days.  It will be Halloween this weekend and then poof! It will be Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then I’ll be saying “I can’t believe it’s 2011”!

I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t even been knitting… can you believe it?  Me… NOT knitting.  I have a friend that works for the Fairgrounds and she is having a baby today…

I started the Owlie Sleep Sack for her last week and is it done?  Not hardly. 

I have my mother’s February Lady Sweater so close to done, and yet it isn’t! 

Now, I have fallen in love with the Clara Dress pattern and it arrived today. 

The Clara Dress you might also know as the cute yellow dress in the SOAK advertisement.  I have been so in love with it since the first time I saw it in a magazine over a year ago.  So why do I need it right now?  Just because… it’s a sickness… when something is hard to find and I like/love it, I want it all the more.  Such was the case with the Clara Dress.  It was not easy to find at first and that set me off… I was on a mission to get that pattern. 

Just an FYI… if you too are in love with this dress, rush to order it from TUTTO Opal-Isager in New Mexico.  I ordered mine online Friday and here it is Thursday and I have it!  Remember you have to order this as a kit.  (Kit $21.90, shipping $4.95 = $26.85 total, awesome deal if you ask me!) 

The yarn is beautiful, 2 skiens of 50/50 Wool & Alpaca – I am going to use the yarn for a beautiful scarf (a Knitspot pattern).  I’m going to use a yellow yarn like in the SOAK picture to make the dress.

TUTTO Opal-Isager
10 Donmingo Road
Santa Fe, NM 97508

 OK, tonight I will really try hard to post pictures… for now, it’s back to work.  Amazing… I got pictures loaded!!!


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