a little knitting & a little camping…

Last weekend we went to Cape Disappointment.  We stopped at the Thai Cafe in Long Beach before going to our camp site, it was great.  They had a small notebook for a menu.  If you are ever in Long Beach WA and looking for something yummy you should try the Thai place, it’s on the left before you get to the Sand Castle RV park.  That’s the first campground we stayed at when we first got the pop-up. 

Anyway, this was another great state campground, and we will for sure be coming back.  You can book online 6 months out, and that’s about how far out things are already booked.  This might be a fun spot to come back to in October or November.  It’s a very popular campground and we’ll try hard to get a spot at the other end closer to the beach next time.  Saturday we had beautiful weather and no wind.  I even got to ride my bicycle! 

About 1 pm we had to pull the table closer to the RV and we sat outside enjoying the warm weather.  It’s so relaxing to hear the sound of the ocean and rain sometimes. 


  OK, now let me tell you about the funny purchase I made before we took this little trip.  I bought 2 disposable grills.  You get what you pay for… and what did I think I would get for $4.98?  But hey they work! 

Waiting for the flames to die down so we can cook on this bad boy!

It still makes me laugh to see this funny little grill.  It’s stayed hot for over an hour.  Great for toasting garlic bread! 

Here's the beef!

I did get to knit on my mom’s February Lady sweater.  When I ran out of yarn working on the body of the sweater I decided to switch to the sleeves.  I’m currently working on the right sleeve, and it’s going much quicker.  Mom is coming to visit on October 1st so I better start knitting a bit faster. 

FLS beginning the first sleeve.

I love the way this sweater is turning out, it’s soft and feels so nice.  I tried it on the other day and it made me start knitting faster – well maybe it did. 

Another quick knitting project I managed to finish is the ever so cute Tri-Peak hat and socks for my friend Maria.  I think her little Gavin will look so cute in these.

Socks That Rock - Bella Coola - LOVE this yarn!

Well in a nutshell that’s my weekend and knitting to date.  Gotta run more knitting to do.

One response to “a little knitting & a little camping…

  1. Just got onto your blog…I’ll be following it as we are (hopefully) planning THE BIG MOVE to Long Beach.

    Conney Jo

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