I’m back!

Looks like it’s been about 4 months since I last posted… crazy how fast time flys and how our priorities change.  So much has been going on, and yet it just seems like the same ol, same ol!!!

So let me just jump in and tell you what I am knitting right now, and I’ll play catch up with the rest as we go. 

I joined a KAL to make the February Lady Sweater (FLS).  About 10 of us met at The Popcorn Factory in Aberdeen on July 29th and we’ve been meeting every other Thursday night, and for a bit there every Thursday night. 

February Lady Sweater Knit A Long begins!

I’m making mine for my mom (she knows about it, so it’s safe to talk about it)  I’m using Cotton-Ease in a blue/purple color… YES, more Cotton-Ease… I love the stuff, what can I say!  I need to really get a move on with it.  I wanted to have it ready by the time she comes to visit the weekend of the 2nd of October (that’s A Whale of a Quilt Show weekend in Ocean Shores, and she tries to come every year for it!)  So where am I on the sweater you ask?  Well, I need to knit another 4 inches of the gull lace and then the garter rows to finish the body… then I’m on to the sleeves. 

Small set back… I found out that a dear friend in Georgia was having a baby and I mean I found out on a Friday and she had the baby on Monday.  So quickly to the Socks that Rock yarn and made the cutest little hat and socks.  I’ll post pictures soon.  NO, really I will.

I’m going to keep this short, so I don’t feel overwhelmed jumping back in to this.  LOL

Much more to tell later… like we got an RV the weekend before Memorial Day, and I love it.


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