Not the Monday I wanted…

Today was to be a work day.  Notice I said “was to be”… woke up with a bit of a headache, so I popped a few Advil and jumped into the shower.  By the time I was ready to leave the house I could hardly keep my head upright.  And now we get sunshine!  Doesn’t it just figure that when you really don’t want sunshine, you get it!  But the show must go on, so off to work I drove (with sunglasses).  It started raining less than half way there and then more sunshine, beautiful glare on the road!  Now I’m squinting and shrugging down.  Only 25 more minutes until I get to work I tell myself.  Then it hits me… pull over quickly, and jump out to get rid of the latte/protein drink I had before I left the house.   This is not turning out to be a good Monday.  Quick call to cancel my day at work and back home with a quick stop at the store.  It is now almost 6:30pm… I slept 6 hours with only interruption (my husband called to tell me he was on the way home – e gad!)  Hubby is not sick and does not have a headache… they had a death of a tribal member where he works, so they sent everyone home.  Anyway, I’m up now, feeling drained and weak, but no headache!

So what else can I tell you besides what a rotten Monday this was?  Hey I know!  Let me share with you some yarn pictures… touching and looking at my yarn always makes me feel better.  This is what I bought when Julie and I went to Portland Yarn Crawl (I think of it as the day I cheated on my LYS)!

Malabrigo – Yummy Yummy Yummy Yarn!


This will someday be a Mr. Greenjeans sweater.


I love the color of this yarn

 OK, in case you can’t tell… I fell in love with this yarn.  While we were at Twisted in Portland, OR – I stopped around and looked and looked and touched all the yarn, and they have a lot of yarn.  I picked this yarn up twice and put it back twice… then just before we were to leave I ran back and grabbed it all!  Yes, that’s right I bought 10 skeins.  I’ve had to keep it out in my car so that I wouldn’t start winding it, to cast on for the Mr. Greenjeans sweater.  Yesterday I brought it in the house and put it away so that I could see it.  But when it’s quiet like right now, I can hear it calling to me. 

This is a hard one to photograph so you can see the beautiful color.

 This is such a pretty yarn – it’s Cascade Venezia – 70% Merino Wool, 30% Silk.  Our first stop on the yarn crawl was at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop – this is a fun place in a fun location.  When we walked out with big smiles on our faces (even if I didn’t get a bright orange tote – they didn’t have any – bummer) anyway, the smell in the air was FANTASTIC!  There is a pizzeria next door and we had to hurry on to the next stop, or we could have spent the day there.


Yarn for a baby sweater

You can never have enough sock yarn on hand!

I found this yarn at the Yarn Garden at the end of our day.  All the Koigu was on sale and I had been looking for this yarn to make a baby sweater.  So I couldn’t walk out empty-handed.
Hey, I took a couple more pictures of my Duck Lake Shawl… I love it, I just need to make myself stick to it so I can get onto my next project… maybe a Mr. Greenjeans sweater.  Or maybe the Wicked Vest pattern with the beautiful deep eggplant purple yarn I bought.

Ripples up close

Color #3 and #4 - it the home stretch now

Well I better wrap up now so I can knit a little before bed.  Hope you guys have a great week, and I’m hoping that tomorrow goes better than today… I don’t have any more sick time on the books!

2 responses to “Not the Monday I wanted…

  1. oh headaches are nasty things, take care of your self.

    In the US you get a certain number of days that you can take off sick?

    Here in the Uk you only take time off when you are ill, and often you have to get a sick note from the doctor, though that is usually if you need to have more than a week off.

    My husband has probably had fewer sick days off than anyone I know, though this year he’s had over a week off, a virus and a bad back. I had to help him get dressed when he could not move with his back, it was like dressing a 6 foot tall toddler!

  2. Loved seeing all the yarn!
    I’m sorry you were sick today. We should have talked, I was on the couch all day, too….but because I didn’t sleep at all last night.
    I can’t wait to see the shawl in person!!!

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