As of the time of this post Spring is only about 3 hours away!   Today is to be the nicest day of the weekend and I’m thinking it’s time to get some plants in the planter boxes.  With all the sunshine we are to have today I just want to be outside.  I’m thinking it will also be a great day to sit in the sunshine and knit!

Last weekend I went to my brother’s to see one of my nephew’s in a play.  He is so talented… this is the second play I have seen him in, and I know he has been in at least 5 I think.  It amazes me to see all these kids with such wonderful voices and so much talent.   It was also my mom’s birthday last Sunday.  So after the play we celebrated with the most wonderful warm german chocolate cake.  My sister-in-law way out did her self on this one.  Over all it was a great day and after hugging all 5 boys, my mom and brother and sis-in-law goodbye, I headed for home. 

I finally got to deliver the Juliet sweater I made for Kathy (sis-in-law).  I wasn’t thinking about pictures, so I didn’t take any… but here are a few from before delivery.

Periwinkle Juliet

I’ll have to see if my brother will take a picture of her in the sweater… cause she looks really cute in it.  This was a very fun and quick pattern. 

I-Cord closure

I have the yarn from another frogged project that I think would make this up wonderfully… this time for me!   It’s red Cascade Sierra.  If I knit with it double stranded I get perfect gauge.  But before that happens I have many other things I’d like to start. 

Well, I’m off to start my day… happy first day of Spring to you all.

One response to “Spring…

  1. I really hope you get pictures of her wearing that, it is just beautiful!!!

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