Portland trip…

Well let me take you on an adventure that occurred March, Friday the 5th!  Julie and I went to Portland… why? you say…  PORTLAND YARN CRAWL !!!!!   I got a GPS for Valentine’s Day this year from hubby… didn’t think much of it at the time.  But now I love it.  We programmed all the yarn store address and phone numbers into the helpful GPS and headed south for the day.  I left my house a little after 7 am and picked Julie up in Aberdeen.  Our helpful GPS said we would arrive about 10:15am at the first yarn store.   I love that GPS, it made it so easy to get to where we wanted to be… shopping! 

First stop… The Naked Sheep… very nice lady helped Julie find yarn for a cute and simple cotton vest.  Great feeling when you walk into the shop, it just feels like you could plop down and sit and visit and knit and shop and have fun.  I really wanted a bright orange tote bag (I saw them at the sock summit, i think)… no bright orange… bummer.  I guess that’s a reason to go back again. 

Next up… Dublin Bay, parking was entertaining downtown Portland, and I snagged a great circular knitting needle case for only $20 (I love no tax in Oregon).  Julie got one too and some awesome sock yarn.  Then it was back to where we parked and across the Broadway bridge… but wait… the Broadway bridge is being worked on or something.  So we get to sit and sit and sit and dream of the next yarn store.

TWISTED!… This was my favorite shop of the day (I did really like all the others, this was just my fav).  When you walk in you are greeted with the most beautiful assortment of sock yarn.  It’s very hard to walk any further into the shop… but you really must.  Lots and lots of nice people here and lots and lots of yummy yarn!  I found yarn I didn’t even know I needed… isn’t that the case so often!  I’ll post more about that when I get to bring it in the house and start the project.  For now it is still resting in a bag in the back of my car!  The adorable young women that checked us out had on the cutest little scarf… so I had to buy that yarn too!  The pattern is called Daybreak by Stephen West…. LOVE THIS PATTERN!  So of course they were sold out of the pattern.

Next up… Yarnia!  I love this idea of creating my own yarn with the fibers I want and the color twists I love.  And love knitting from a cone with no joining balls of yarn.  And guess what?  They had the Daybreak pattern I needed!!!  Score !   I also had to get 840 yards of a beautiful bamboo and wool combo that I had the wonderful young lady wind on a cone for me.  It will someday become a Clapotis (a Kate Gilbert pattern that I have only seen a million of, and wondered why I haven’t knit one).  Julie sampled the cookies on the way in and out… I don’t know if she even saw the yarn… she was starving… and couldn’t think about much more than cookies at this point.

The fifth and final shop of the day was Yarn Garden…  I wish I had more time to shop here. (but remember I was with a starving knitter).  They had so many great sales and lots of yarn to look at… they too were very nice and told us in the wayback room was FREE magazines!  Yes, we found a few and wrapped it up quick. 

On to Costco, thanks to the help of my wonder GPS… then the much awaited Joe’s Crab Shack!  Last year after the sock summit Julie and I stopped here and had the best crab nacho’s in the world, while sitting outside on the deck looking over the river in the sunshine!  This was a 100% repeat of that day… except a little cooler day.  We laughed and giggle about the day the whole way home, and I pulled into my driveway at nine straight up!  It was a very good day!!

Someday I will post pictures and blog again!

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