Where did 2009 go?

Well the last time I posted was the middle of September… I guess I fell out of the saddle!  I’ve really had a difficult time blogging, and keeping up on Ravelry these past few months.  I am still knitting, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane and happy.  I really just wanted to not end this year with a post from September I guess. 

It’s really bothering me that I loved doing this so much and having something to look back at and remember everything that was going on at the time that I blogged.  Maybe that says a lot for why I’m not blogging these days… I don’t want to look back at these days and remember too much.  I don’t mean to sound dark or down… it’s really not that bad.  My husband is coming up on his one year with no job anniversary… is there such a thing as a Hallmark card for this occasion?  Maybe, but I don’t think he needs one to be reminded.  He had an interview last week and still hasn’t heard anything yet.  Now he has another interview tomorrow and we are all praying he gets the other job,  but either at this point would be good.  I know many people are going through this right now (the no job thing) and it can really start to get you down.  We are trying hard to not let it get the best of us. 

We went camping in November… yes, that’s right November!  I paid for it back in August and had been looking forward to it for a long time.  It was a trip I will never forget.  We went to Grayland State Park on the Washington Coast (just over an hour from where we live!).  It is a wonderful park and if you get the chance you really should go there.  It was actually sunny the day we set up (Wednesday) and nice on the day we took down the pop up (Saturday).  We had one night that we weren’t sure it would still be standing in the morning.  It rained, hailed and the wind blew so hard we thought it would blow over.  We had to yell at each other to be heard it was so loud… it makes me laugh to think about it.  I was scared to death and the whole time acted like it was no big deal.  The next day when the hail stopped and the sun came out we drug the dogs down to the beach to make them freeze like us!  It was pretty fun.  I also made the best pot roast in the crock pot that I have ever made… that helped to make Rick feel better about the trip.  So, would I do it again… yep! 

OK, just in case I don’t get back to my blog before the New Year, I want to say Thank you for all the kind words I have received and to let you know that I will be back on track… someday!  Until then I’ll just keep making the most of every minute and you do the same!



3 responses to “Where did 2009 go?

  1. There IS something to be said as well for allowing yourself the extra time to live your life instead of spending it blogging about life (knowing how much time it takes = living less life).

  2. I’m glad I at least get to see your sunny face once in awhile….not enough, though. I do pray this coming year is better for you but I do love how keep your attitude up.

    Hope to see you soon! ((((hugs))))

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