back in the saddle…

ok, so it’s been awhile since i updated my blog… a long while maybe.  but lets not dwell on it – k?  this will be a pictureless post and there will be more with pictures later… i have to break myself in slowly.

It was a pretty nice summer and I’ve been busy knitting and going here and there. 

So where is there… Sock Summit 2009 – Portland Oregon!!!  My friend Julie and I got up early and drove down to Portland.  I knew it was going to big, and I had envisioned something like Madrona… I couldn’t have been more wrong.  If you have been reading other blogs and posting about the Sock Summit then you know… IT WAS HUGE!!!  It really was just too much for my brain to take in at once.  It would have been nice to have gotten there, shopped, 1 hour class (Judy’s Magic Cast-On), shopped some more and then gone out for dinner, gone back to a hotel room and knitting and drooled over the days purchases, and then gone back the next day to take in a bit more shopping.  But instead… we shopped, popped in for a fantastic class with the wonderful Judy, and then shopped more and then went for a wonderful dinner.  Before i continue about the yarn and everything… dinner was at Joe’s Crab Pot in Vancouver… GO THERE!!!   It may have been that I was super pooped, and the breeze on the deck was wonderful and the crab nachos to die for, and the company was great too, but the whole experience wrapped up together made it the BEST!

OK, back to the yarn and the summit… let me ask you this… can you really see that much yarn and know what to buy?  without going over a poor girls budget?  NO!  I tried to be very good, and limit myself to things i have never seen before or that I have always dreamed of… ha!  I dream of it all.  Anyway, I think I did pretty good.  The people who I ran into, or came across where without a doubt the nicest people ever, but then are all knitter pretty darn nice people (for the most part!). When I got back and started reading other blogs and see pictures (I took NO pictures – my oversight – didn’t even think about the camera the whole time.) anyway, i saw so much more that i didn’t even see while we were there.  It really was a great adventure and I sure hope the wonderful people involved in putting on this wonderful summit are recovered enough by next year to do it again!

Next post… very soon… with pictures of items that have been knitted and other fun stuff.

it’s good to be back !


3 responses to “back in the saddle…

  1. Welcome back, sounds like fun at the summit.

  2. Instead, I added my name to the list that’s my way of putting that energy into the universe. ,

  3. The very first part of it has an express contradiction. ,

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