A month in review…

OK, I did it… I finally got all the photos off our camera.  I didn’t realize there I had so many stacking up in there.   I’m going to share a snapshot of several things that have gone on over the last month or maybe longer.


World Wide Knit in Public Day

Let’s begin with yesterday!  World Wide Knit in Public day was a lot of fun.  We got together at the Coffee Bean Cafe and Popcorn Factory in Aberdeen.  This is the 3rd year we have met here.  Each year has been very different, all good, just different.  This year I actually got some knitting done!  I also got to catch up with knitting friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, and I made new friends too! 

Here is a snapshot of my day yesterday…

WWKIP 2009

The Knitting Shack

I also found pictures of a few beautiful days in my new Knitting Shack aka our pop-up camper.  We set it up on our lot next door, Rick has been mowing it and making it look like part of our yard.  We thought my brother and his family were coming to visit, they have 5 boys.  They love staying out there.  Well, they ended up not coming to visit and we decided to leave it up.  I love being able to go out there and just knit or take my laptop with me and listen to books too.  The view is fantastic and it’s very relaxing, and I feel like I’m far away from everything. 

The days in the Knitting Shack

The days in the Knitting Shack

As you can see in the pictures, I’m not the only one that loves to go out there.  Both dogs run over there the second they go out the back door, they love it too.

Maddy Moo Chicken

I may have mentioned that I was knitting a cousin to the Sister Chickens.  Her name is Maddy Moo Chicken.  My friend Teresa retired from the Treasurers office on May 31st, and I wanted her to have something to take with her that would remind her of us and the fun we had.  She saw the others chickens while I knit on them and was there when they were auctioned off.  She really wanted a cow, but I just couldn’t find a knitted cow that I could fall in love with.
Teresas Retirement gift Maddy Moo Chicken

Teresa's Retirement gift "Maddy Moo Chicken"

It’s hard to believe that Teresa worked for the county for 38 years!  She must have started working here in 6th grade.

Another Friendship Blanket

It has probably taken a lot longer that it should have, but we wanted to make sure to have everything mapped out well before everyone started knitting.  Our goal is that when we are done knitting our colorful blocks, we will have very little sewing together to do at the end.

This blanket is very colorful and it makes you feel happy just knitting it!  When the blanket is completed it will go to the Friendship House in Aberdeen.  This is where our 2008 Olympics knitting project went also.   We hope that this blanket will make a few kids feel good and warm.

A colorful start to a blanket!

A colorful start to a blanket!

The color of yarn that looks dark blue in the picture is actually very grape/purple.  I will post more about this project in the near future.  It was real fun to wind all the yarn cakes too!  Each skein was made into 2 cakes.  We are using Encore worsted weight yarn.  We will have 14 knitters and each knitter will knit 4 blocks.  So we put together kits that include the patterns they are to knit, the detailed instructions and the 4 colors of yarn into a large ziploc bag, and numbered each bag.  

Color Swap

I failed to post pictures of the last swap I participated in, but I think I did talk about it.  If not here, I know I said a big thank you to my swap partner for a wonderful package.  And I mentioned it on Ravelry.

The color I picked was Chocolate brown or Coffee brown – my favorite scents and things to enjoy.  The person that I swapped with wanted pink.  I know I showed you pictures of the pink cowl I knit for her.  Well my knitted item that I received in a beautiful brown yarn, is fingerless mitts!  I love, love, love them.  She also got me some wonderful chocolates, beautiful yarn, coffee, and a journal and much more.  This collage of everything I received just doesn’t do it justice, but you can see how wonderful and thoughtful she was to put together all these great things.

Brown Color Swap

Brown Color Swap

 OK, so now we are kind of up to date.  And I have run out of time for the evening, because I need to get back to knitting a wedding gift that I need for the end of this month.  I’ll post about it too later.

Happy Knitting!


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