Happy Resurrection Day!

Well here it is Easter and we are having a storm.  The wind has been howling all night, and our house (only 8 years old) has been creaking like my legs when I get up from knitting too long!

I feel like I’m driving someone elses car today.  Everything seems out of place on my laptop.  I keep hitting buttons that open new screens or make things go away, and now I’ve opened a pdf pattern I downloaded last night!  It seems as if the wind isn’t just outside blowing!

A week ago I was visiting with a friend, I like to call it taking a Mental Health day (with laptops).  I had been complaining about my method of transport for my laptop from home to there and decided to do something about it.  We found these awesome little charger bags by BUILT NY.  They have 6 little pockets inside to keep your cords all in one neat little place.  So I ordered it.  And I ordered a laptop bag to go with it!  It arrived last week at work and I am so in love with the deep purple laptop bag from BUILT NY and I love the charger bag, and like one side of fabric.  The other side looks like it came from a different bolt of fabric or something.  I can live with it.  Both get a thumbs up.

BUILT NY Laptop and Charger Bag

BUILT NY Laptop and Charger Bag

The picture just doesn’t do the purple justice.  It’s a much deeper darker purple.  Anyway, I love them both.

ALSO, on the new bag front…

I received my big beautiful DellaQ bag!  I have wanted this bag for a very long time.  Well to speak the truth, I have wanted the red tweed bag for a very long time.  But this is what happened…

While at Madronna this year (my first time) my dear friend Julie and I were going up and down all the rows looking at the beautiful yarns, etc and I see the bag of my dreams.  The red tweed DellaQ bag.  I say “Oh, Julie I love that bag.  I want to get that bag someday.”  Julie picks up the bag and starts to look at it.  I tell her how wonderful it is with all the room inside for a large knitting project.  Or that you could tote it like a purse and knitting bag in one.  SHE BOUGHT IT!!!  So, how could I get the same bag?  Well, I guess I could have, but I just couldn’t afford it.  But then….

Along comes fabulousyarn.com and a fabulous price!  I love dragonflies and I love blues and greens.  And POOF! It’s mine!

Stock photo of Della Q bag

Stock photo of Della Q bag

This really is a wonderful web site and I highly recommend you buy everything you can from your LYS, but if you can’t get this bag there, go to fabulousyarn.com.   And yes, the red tweed bag is still on my Christmas list!!!  There is no rule that says you can only have one of these wonderful bags!

Here is my DellaQ…

B E A U T I F U L !

B E A U T I F U L !


R O O M Y!

R O O M Y!


A L L   M I N E !!

A L L M I N E !!

So what is this obsession with DellaQ bags?  Well it’s not just DellaQ stuff, it’s yarn, and patterns and knitting too!

Moving right along…

Please keep my mom in your prayers.  She had surgery on Friday to her right shoulder.  They fixed a 2 inch tear and shaved the spurs.  It’s hard doing everything left handed when you are a right handed person.  And I know how strong willed she is, and that it will be very difficult for her to rest and not use it.   This might be a long healing time, and I know she wants to get back to her quilts as soon as possible. (she doesn’t knit – shock)

OK, I’m off to knit on the little pink cowl.  Have a wonderful day.


2 responses to “Happy Resurrection Day!

  1. I will pray for your mom. It really is hard to not be able to do what you love!
    I love the bag, too! I still haven’t reordered the charger bag but since I’ve seen yours I really want to!

  2. I can see why you splurged on that bag! Cute vine flower dress too from previous post.

    Sorry to hear about your Mom’s shoulder injury.

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