cooking rut & summer breezes…

I’ve been in a cooking rut lately and I’m so glad to have found this AWESOME blog.

Polka-Dot Apron !!!  I made the Good Salad, loved it!  You really should check it out.  I found several recipes I want to try.  I think this was just the site I needed to find to give me a kick start in the right direction. 

I can’t wait to make the cute little Easter Pastel White Chocolate Pretzels.  I think I’ll use Hugs since I happen to have a bag of them.  If you scroll down and look at all the wonderful recipes you’ll see some pretzels with Kisses and Hugs and red and green M&M’s!  Simple and wonderful… my favorite kind of treat to make and take!

OK, other than cooking (or making salad) we opened the pop-up today.  It is so warm, if I didn’t know what day it was I would swear it was Washington Coast summer!  66 degrees!!!  (and a very light breeze)  So now I WANT TO GO CAMPING!!  Big surprise huh!  Another happy surprise was that there was no mold, moisture or bad smells in the pop-up.  It is crying out for us to go camping.  Maybe soon, we’ll see.

For now I’m back inside and need to keep knitting to finish this cute little Vine dress by Thursday.  I love pressure.  And yes I have a back up plan, but don’t want to do it.  So I’ll check in later to let you know how it’s going!

2 responses to “cooking rut & summer breezes…

  1. I want to make that salad, too. Thanks for reminding me.
    I’m so glad you’re my friend.

  2. We camped all the time when I was a kid. Not that we girls were any help at all but my Dad is an amazing man who managed despite having 2 girls and no boys! I do love camping. Unfortunately Steve is not a camper and is shockingly ill suited to it.

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