Where did February go?

I have been a bad blogger.  I didn’t even post in February!  No excuses… I’ve just been busy knitting!

But today I must take time away from my knitting to say a huge Thank you to Natalie.

Natalie, my Knitters Coffee Swap 4 partner made this awesome box for me!

First… the box arrives at work on Thursday, a very busy day for me.

No matter how busy I get at work, I am never too busy to open a box of goodies, especially when I know there is coffee and yarn inside!
Knitters Coffee Swap 4 - Everything I could ever want!

Knitters Coffee Swap 4 - Everything I could ever want!

Included in my box (the center picture was taken at work on my very messy desk)… It would be hard to say what my favorite thing is for sure, but the highest on the list is probably the most beautiful stitch markers ever ( the two sets are pictured on the far left)  I LOVE THEM!  the pale blues, and green remind me of beach glass, and I love beach glass.  And the red stitch markers can be used from either side… and they are RED! 🙂 

The yarn… Malabrigo!

I have always wanted to try this yarn, so this is very exciting for me and I love the beautiful blue, it’s called Impressionist Sky, but it looks like denim to me. 

Chocolate… yes, I couldn’t hold back and ripped into the best chocolate bar ever… I’m almost drooling thinking about it.  (too bad it’s all gone). 

I also received two others, but I’m pacing myself and will indulge later this next week.
I have several times picked up the book Knit 2 Together and then put it back, opting for more yarn instead.  I am so happy to have it now.  There are so many fun things to knit and read in this book.  It reminds me a little of the Mason Dixon Knitting books, because it has fun stories and patterns both.  And it’s not your run of the mill standard stuff.
Also included in the box COFFEE!  I just happen to be enjoying some now. 

Pacific Bay Coffee Co.

Pacific Bay Coffee Co.

I’m enjoying the Guatemala coffee today, with just a touch of non-fat milk and irish cream syrup.  Not too sweet just right, and the coffee – PERFECT!  I believe this is from a local roaster near where Natalie lives.  I love the local and small roasters. 
Moving right along… Natalie included in my box of goodies, a package of Soak, a very cut blue Eco-Sheep bag, a flip flops candle and the stitch marker holder (in red) that I almost bought for her!!!  How funny is that.  I couldn’t believe it, I saw the shape of the package and thought, No, it couldn’t be… and yet, yes it was!!!  You know what they say about great minds thinking alike.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.  I really loved this box.  It was an awesome swap. 
Thank you again so much.  I am blessed to have gotten you for a swap partner.  And I love reading your blog too.  See you out in Ravelry land, and take care.

I’m off to knit!  I hope everyone has a great week.


2 responses to “Where did February go?

  1. The Malabrigo looks gorgeous! I have several skeins of it myself, but haven’t found the ‘perfect’ project for it. So silly.
    Glad you are back to the land of blogging.

  2. Malabrigo… mmmmm. coffee mmmmm…

    Missing your updates, hope all is well with you and yours! I gave you a bloggy award over on my blog. 🙂

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