E Gad!

So last night I was buzzing along on my Arch-Shaped socks and I got the part where you begin the arch shaping, well actually it was the final row of the gusset… the set up row!   Round 5!!!  I read it maybe, ummm, 10 times!  Then decided to just jump in. 

OK, things seemed fine and I merrily knit away.  It wasn’t long before I realized I wasn’t making the M1 correctly (a dumb mistake that I know better than to do this) but I did WRONG!  and what happens when you do it wrong?  yep!  holes!  This picture looks like the toe of a sock, but it is the heel!

So why did I keep knitting if I knew it was looking like this?

So why did I keep knitting if I knew it was looking like this?

But Shanda just kept knitting, thinking to myself “I can fix this later”.  I tried them on anyway, and love the way they fit, however holes on the bottom of my foot in my socks is not a good thing.   Did I mention that I was so involved in making these socks I almost forgot to eat dinner… Almost, I said.  I’ll show you the rest of my beautiful sock pictures, so you can see how pretty they are.

  Leg done... still loving the sock.

 Leg Done… still loving this sock.
Inside heel flap done, still feeling the love.

Inside heel flap done, still feeling the love.

Outside heel flap, looking good, and knitting up fast!

Outside heel flap, looking good, and knitting up fast!

What a cute little heel cup!

What a cute little heel cup!

So this brings us to real time.  Time to back up and start this little cutie again at the beginning of the gusset.  One reason I think this will be easy is because I’m at the part where the pattern says I have two choices on how I continue the foot of the sock… and so I say “E GAD”. 
Rick was on duty all night last night and is sleeping so I’m off to the grocery store and then back to do some quiet knitting… or tinking, un-knitting, frogging, whatever! 

4 responses to “E Gad!

  1. Very nice, but so frustrating to have to go back. I’m knitting a pair for my daughter right now that I have frogged twice. grrrr.

    I blame it on the wrong size needles (trying magic loop on the addi turbo lace). I’ve tried a 1 and a 3, but really need a 2. Can’t find my 2’s anywhere. Shoot, guess I’ll just HAVE to go to my LYS…

    What size needle are you most comfortable with when using the ONline Supersocke? That’s the very yarn I’m working with (different colorway, however).

    This is also my second go-around with ONline Supersocke and I’m kinda frustrated with the yarn. It seems splitty and rough to me–but I’m pretty new at all this, so maybe it’s just me. I did the first pair with bamboo dpn’s and now am working with the addi’s and am having the same result.

    Any suggestions? (I may just post this reply on my craft blog and link to yours, so I can see more easily if anyone’s feeling my pain!)

    Anyhoo, YOUR sock looks beautiful and I know you’ll be really happy with them once you’re done done done! 🙂

  2. Wow that yarn is beautiful! The sock looks great and I’m curious how you end up fixing your problem. I think the sock itself is going to be worth the hassle!!
    What have you been doing here? The pictures are awesome and the header is really cool!

  3. That is going to be one pretty set of socks when they are all said and done. I hate frogging, especially socks, cause I have a hard time picking up the stitches, too tiny. I hope it comes out alright whether you tink, or frog. The pattern looks cute too in the other thread. I really should get back to sock knitting, or finish my baby raglan… something. I think I’ll keep checking here to be inspired 🙂

  4. I’m making these too and I’m at the same part and I did the same thing! I’m not as finicky though so I’m just going to blaze through it. I’m having some other problems with the pattern, too, but I love the look.
    Happy sock knitting!

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