Floods, No Work & an Ocular Migraine…

Floods… are NOT a “good thing” as Martha would say. 

Last night when I left work early, around 3 pm, there was tons of roads closed and many getting very high.  This morning I got dressed and headed for work, stopped at my favorite coffee place and found out that I couldn’t get to Montesano (the town where I work).  Good thing I stopped for coffee!  I called my knitting co-worker Patty and she confirmed – No way in to Montesano.  Then on the way back home my boss (the county auditor) called and told me that the radio stations would be announcing that the courthouse and county administration building would be closed today.  This time I wasn’t half way to work and I was able to happily take my coffee back home with me.  So you know what that means… more knitting time.  (and maybe a little house keeping too)

No sooner than I sat down to start this entry and BAM! an ocular migraine got me.  It usually comes on gradually and then grows in size to the point where I can’t focus on anything around the swirling spot.  If you haven’t ever had an ocular migraine or know what it is, it can really freak you out for the first time.  I got my first one at work one afternoon.  I was so glad that someone else knew what it was.  Then a few months ago someone I know got one for the first time and I was able to tell her it would be OK and what it was.  So I’m going to post a little about it what they are so just in case you should ever have this happen to you, you wont freak out.  Keep in mind they only last a few minutes, usually less than 10 or 15 minutes.

Usually, an ocular migraine is not cause for concern. But ocular migraine symptoms can interfere with daily activities, such as reading and driving. These episodes, also called migraine aura or optical migraine, occur without a headache and are relatively common. During an ocular migraine, you may see:

  • Flashes of light
  • Zigzagging patterns
  • Blind spots
  • Shimmering spots or stars

No one knows exactly what causes ocular migraines. In some people, it’s related to eating certain foods such as chocolate, nuts, shellfish or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Others may have ocular migraine episodes brought on by caffeine or alcohol. Some believe that tension and fatigue are linked to this condition, but researchers have not found a consistent link.

It’s possible that you may have several ocular migraine episodes in a short interval of time, and then not experience any for months or even years before experiencing additional episodes. If ocular migraines persist, worsen or become accompanied by a migraine headache, talk to your doctor to seek appropriate treatment for your condition.

OK, health class is over!

Let’s talk knitting.  I have been working on my bear claw blanket during breaks at work and I’m getting close to having my first one done.  This is fun knit so far, I like seeing it grow and  I really think I might actually be able to stick with it. 

1st block amost done!

1st block almost done!



HOWEVER… I do want to say that I saw this awesome pair of socks that someone  (Rav name: quesselchen) made and I just had to start a pair last night.  So I’ll show you my progress so far.

1st cuff done - Norwegian cast-on (first time doing this for me!)

1st cuff done - Norwegian cast-on (first time doing this for me!)

This pattern is called Arch-Shaped Socks by Jen Showalter / Mean Girl Design (check all of them out on Ravelry – love the orange pair I saw there)  The pattern is a free PDF.

The yarn is something I got when I was out on a day trip with a co-worker.  It’s called ONline supersocke 100 I think the colorway is 1058 – it’s self striping and I love the colors, ya know pictures never show how wonderful the colors really are, but this is close.





The pattern is written for DPN’s or Magic Loop and I’m doing the Magic Loop because they are the only size 1 needles I have free!  When I first thought about this pattern I was going to do the whole sock in ribbing, but then changed my mind and decided to let the yarn do the work.  I haven’t done an all knit sock since the first pair of socks I learned to knit. 

Well it’s early enough for me to get started knitting, so I’m off to knit.  I hope you are all staying warm and DRY and that this winter isn’t taking a toll on you or your family.

2 responses to “Floods, No Work & an Ocular Migraine…

  1. I’m so glad that we were matched as partners for the coffee swap! Your post about ocular migraines was very helpful. I had my first one today. Thanks to you, I did not freak out & begin to think that something more serious was going on. However, it was one “trippy” experience!

    Would it be ok with you if I use some of the information you posted on my blog?

  2. Pingback: What is an Ocular Migraine?

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