Pink hat, a sock and a bunny…

Things are really busy at work, and I can’t wait til Thursday for another day off!  Then I work Friday, and just in time… the weekend!!!  What am I going to do when I have to work a full week? 

Sunday I wanted to knit something fun and pink and quick…

Up close of the chain I crocheted and stitched down on the hat.

Up close of the chain I crocheted and stitched down on the hat.


Childs Ear Hat with tassels

Child's Ear Hat with tassels

Pattern: Child’s Ear Hat Pattern

Needles:  I knit this with size 6 needles, the yarn calls for size 8’s, but I really like the way the fabric looks when using a smaller size needle. 

Yarn: I used Encore worsted, wool and acyclic – so yes, it is washable.

The pattern is knit flat and then you sew up the sides, but I love to knit in the round.  So I cast on 76 and knit a 1×1 rib for about an inch and half then stopped when the hat measured 7 inches from the cast on edge.  I turned it wrong side out and used the 3-needle bind off to close the top – beautiful!  I’ve never made tassels before and on the next hat I will make it look more like the one in the pattern picture.

Very fun, quick and pink… what more could you ask for?  Hey, maybe another hat!  Well I have to leave something for New Year’s Day knitting!


Oh, I am working on one more thing (more like 8 or 9) but I just started over with the sock yarn I fell in love with.  It’s the Copper Penny sock pattern by Nancy Bush (found in the Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn book) – I’ve borrowed it from my dear friend Patty.  The yarn (Flydesigns Boo Fly) has been started in 3 sock patterns and I think this will be the winner for sure.

This isn’t the greatest picture to show off the yarn but when I get a picture later this week when more is knitted I’ll do better.  (I have about 24 more rows done now and just haven’t taken another picture yet.) 

In the beginning
In the beginning

Good thing mom’s birthday isn’t until March… it may take me that long to get these pretty socks done… just kidding mom, maybe an anniversary present?!?!?! 

A little bunny too…

Just a quick follow up on my bunny… it still has no face.

bare faced bunny
bare faced bunny

Until later, be safe, warm and keep knitting!


2 responses to “Pink hat, a sock and a bunny…

  1. I think I might know a little girl who might need one of these…thanks for sharing! That’s how I made her striped one.

  2. Good advice…”be safe, warm & keep knitting”…think I’ll follow your advice.

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