Old dog learns new trick!

Yes, you can teach an ol dog a new trick… 

I started knitting the Swell hat (pattern on Knitty.com) anyway, I really wanted to learn how to do the Two-handed Fair Isle Technique.  I went to philosopherswool.com and watched the video clip 3 or 4 times and then just jumped in, it took me a while but this afternoon noon when I came back to it again… poof… I was cruisin around that little hat (and yes, I do think the hat is little – child sized). 

This picture shows the long floats at the bottom when I first began and then how wonderful it started looking towards the top when I learned how to do the Two-handed Fair Isle technique.

I also found that I wasn’t throwing anymore either!  After I finished the swell pattern on the hat and it was time to knit one round I found myself still knitting with the left hand… how cool is that!  I did the rest of the hat this way and I surprised myself at how quickly I did it.

I need to add the strings on the earflaps and I’ll be done with number 1 of 5!

Now I have to go back to Ravelry and read about other people’s hats… mine seems to have closed up much too quickly.  I did 5 rows instead of 1 after the swell pattern, and it still seems to be a rather small hat.  I also knit the hat on size 8 needles.  I think the next hat I will do a large size hat and seed stitch instead of the garter stitch at the beginning, and I’m going to add part of the swell (wave) pattern to the ear flaps.  I haven’t picked the colors yet, but I’ll get to it soon. 

Now I want to get back to my Aibhlinn.  I got a little more than half way done and ran out of yarn.  I now have another skein and I’m ready to finish it up!  I love it, and I’ll be making one for myself later.

Another quick project that I just had to start this weekend is the Ribby Slipper Socks in the new Holiday issue of Interweave Knits. 

I’m using a yarn that is not as thick, but it’s very close.  I finished one, and I’m not having that loving warm fuzzy feeling with them.  I think maybe I should use size 10 needles instead of 11’s.  Lots of yarn still, so I’ll do the second one with the 10’s and see how it goes.  I do like the chocolate brown and lime green together and I hope the person I am knitting these for likes it too.  And I’ll have to admit they feel pretty nice on my foot.  Oh, and one other thing – I might stitch the back closed like on a sock toe on the next one, instead of the 3 needle bind off.  These sure are easy and fast.

OK, I’m happy when we push time back an hour for Daylight Saving Time, but I’m really tired and think I’ll wrap it up for the day.

Have a great week and don’t forget to VOTE!!!

3 responses to “Old dog learns new trick!

  1. Love it, love it, love it that you are knitting continental and that you got the method. They do a good job of explaining it. I’m curious about the slipper, I left my yarn at the store.

  2. Oh, wow, you are brave! I have yet to try to switch over to the continental style or the combined style. I am comfortable with the thrower style and cling to it like duct tape.

    The hat looks fantastic. I’m sorry it’s too small for you. Pity.

  3. Your hat looks great! How inspiring to me (a thrower) to see you were able to switch it up just in a single hat! Good to know it turned out a bit short in length, I’d like to make this one too, just have to get over the dread fair isle gives me.

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