Beautiful October…

*** This posting is a week behind.  I had a delay getting my pictures to download from a dead camera***

We are just back from an awesome weekend at Kalaloch Campground. 

The weather was perfect.  A little cold at night maybe, but beautiful.  Just as nice as summer on the Washington coast.  Who knew October could be so beautiful on the coast.  The drive here was pretty, and the trees are showing signs of fall.  We had very little wind if any and got a pretty nice camp spot too.  I wanted to leave first thing Friday morning, but well… it was 10:40 before we got on the road.  No pressure… it’s only about an hour and 45 minutes from our house to the campground.  I really wanted to get a spot on the beach side, but not this trip.  I didn’t realize all the spots (OK most all the spots) are very small here.  We don’t need a huge spot but we do need more than a car spot.  After driving through every loop (that was open) twice, we found our home for the weekend.  And hey, it was close to the bathrooms! 🙂 

Friday afternoon after getting settled in we headed for Forks to get gas and let us not forget ice and milk.  Gas was $3.31!!!  That’s the lowest I’ve seen it for a long time.  On the way there we stopped at Ruby Beach. 

This is one of my favorite places to go.  It is so beautiful and if you haven’t been here it’s a wonderful place to add to your list of things to see on the Washington coast.  The dogs loved it… but then they love every beach with lot of stuff to pee on.  🙂  This is not a sandy beach, but a flat rocks beach. 

A little boy we encountered along the way was stacking rocks everywhere.  I just saw all the rock stacks at first and thought they looked cool and then discovered this very little boy having a great time stacking them.  It a great place for pictures and we helped another couple take pictures of them in front of the huge rocks.

Friday night was cool… no, it was COLD!  As soon as we got snuggled down in bed and each of us had our bed warmer (dog) it warmed up quickly and just my face stayed cold.  The ocean was so loud, I listened to my ipod but kept taking it off to hear the ocean, it’s very relaxing after awhile. 

First thing Saturday morning the dogs were up and wanted to go outside… no way did I want to get out of my warm bed… but eventually the urge to go got to me, and we all took a walk to the bathrooms!  This was a slow start morning and after breakfast and cleaning up it was almost 11:00 !!!  We hit the road to do a little geocaching and to visit South Beach campground – closed for the winter. 

You can park at the entrance and walk in to the campground and down on the beach.  Another great beach.  There was no one but us there! 

Oh, and about 100 geese!  Cassie loved it, it was like being at home and she loves to chase them.  Thor could care less and wanted to get to the big logs!  This is another beach with lots of those wonderful flat rocks and some sand too. 

 A great beach to walk.  And don’t you feel the love with me and my pups!

After the great walk we took a drive up, up, up on the fire access road to a beautiful view back down on the ocean, and a great geocache find too!

On Friday we saw a sign that said something about a Big Tree.  It was on our list of geocaches to find and off we went to find this HUGE tree.

It’s really hard to tell in the pictures just how big this tree is.  Yes, it is still living too. 

This boardwalk goes all the way around the tree.

This great day ended with a yummy dinner and movie on my laptop back at the pop-up! 

Knitting?  Well it was too cold to knit in the evenings, so I did get to knit a few rows on my Christmas present cowl, while driving home.

I’ll post more about my knitting later.

2 responses to “Beautiful October…

  1. bummer about your camera. 😦
    The pics are beautiful!

  2. You always come back with such gorgeous shots. I’m in awe of the huge tree.

    So glad you had a good time!

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