getting back to blogging…

Look who’s back… ME!

Yes, I have been avoiding blogging these past few weeks.  I just haven’t been able to get a handle on what I wanted to share.  I have wanted to knit more than type is more like it.  Or maybe I’ve just been lazy… what? me lazy?  lol

Where to begin… I’ve been thinking about either tell it all and catching up in one post, or making it lots of little posts.  I’ll jump in and see how it goes for time on this beautiful Sunday morning (almost noon?  where did the morning go?  It seems to take forever to get my pictures loaded and then to check mail and look at Ravelry… OK I’m off track already!)

Birthday and Anniversary have come and gone as well as the month of August.  A very sweet friend of mine recently gave me a gift that I love.  I bought this book and the cover was ripped so I sent it back to Amazon, (don’t you love Amazon – that’s another subject) anyway, I ordered a different book instead because at the time I thought I had to have it, it’s the Knitting On The Edge book by Nicky Epstein (I only checked it out at the library about 6 times).  And then I forgot about the book I had returned and was going to get again.  And then… Happy Birthday to me… here it is!

 I have already picked out a pattern and been playing with it for a light weight lace scarf.

this is the pattern I’m playing with

I can’t thank her enough for this wonderful gift.  I love books almost as much as I love knitting!  And since we are talking about books… Here is another wonderful book that I received last week from Amazon!

Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines!!!!!!!!!

Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines!!!!!!!!!

OK, now I have to share with you just a couple of wonderful things in this book that I love, or that I think are very cool.  Not that I will knit all of these things, but I really like them, and I love this book.  I can’t wait to see all the variations that people come up with from this book.  It is very inspiring to me.
OK, I’m going to have to stop here and do more later… dogs need to go out and hubby is up and hungry!

2 responses to “getting back to blogging…

  1. love your new look!

    that was a good start to a catchup but we know there is a lot more you have to say so have at it!!!

  2. I really like that Knitting on the Edge book too… got a copy for Christmas two years ago.

    Nice to have you back!

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