end of summer…

Today is August 31st… and it really does feel like the end of summer.  Here on the lake it is beautiful and sunny, but cool – about 65 degrees.  This is considered a nice day at the beach on the Washington coast, but it does have that little hint of fall in the air.  Hubby is out fishing (on the lake – not in the ocean!) so this gives me some quiet time.  I have been really bad about not taking the time to blog these past couple of weeks.  The time I would normally use for blogging, I’ve been using to KNIT!  Imagine that. 

Rather that blog a lot about what things have happened in the last few weeks, I’m just going to show you.

Camping with my mom and nephews…


a little geocaching at a fire outlook

a little geocaching at a fire outlook

have you ever seen a view like this from an outhouse!

have you ever seen a view like this from an outhouse!

camping around the trees

camping around the trees

a little wash cloth knitting - starfish

a little wash cloth knitting - starfish

long awaited yarn order completed!  yummy colors

long awaited yarn order completed! yummy colors

a gift for hubby on our second anniversay - Aug 19

a gift for hubby on our second anniversary - Aug 19

awesome birthday package from my SP12 - Aug 18

awesome birthday package from my SP12 - Aug 18

I love the card that came with my package!  Too cute.

I love the card that came with my package! Too cute.

awesome Caffiene Swap package!
awesome Caffeine Swap package!

The hottest weekend of the year and we went camping!  I cast on for the sots iii (on the wrong size needles – had a do-over moment when I got home)  This campground was so beautiful, to bad it was so hot you broke out in a sweat every time you tried to do anything.  We did a little sight seeing – the pictures show Mt St Helen’s and our campsite.  This was one of the best campsite we have ever had.  Very private so we could sweat in peace with the dogs.  This was the first trip that we actually slept with all the windows open all night, praying for a little breeze.  I would love to go back to this campsite again someday.

I’m current attempting to finish my Alhambra scarf this weekend.  It is so pretty, and I love the pattern.  (details on Ravelry)  No pictures yet.  I take pictures when I get it blocked. 
Other knitting events… While the Olympics were going on, we had our own little event -A Knitting Relay- and I can say that we completed it on time and that a good time was had by all!! 
We put together a big Ziploc bag with one skein of yarn and two dove chocolates, and you got to pick your pattern page.  Each pattern page had instructions for knitting 3 blocks (7 x 9).  The first block was the “Training” block and you could start it as soon as the Opening Ceremony began.  Then the first person that signed up could knit their “Relay” block (block #2) during Opening Ceremony too – then as soon as she completed it, she called the next person to begin their “Relay” block, and so this continued until all 17 knitters had been called one right after another.  The “Final Event” block could be knit at anytime during the Olympics and after you knit the first two. 
We finished two days before the Olympics were over.  There is a basket at The Yarn Corner in Aberdeen with 49 knitted blocks waiting for us to put together a Friendship Blanket.  This blanket (afghan) will be assembled at our next Knit Night (Sept 9th, Tuesday) at the Popcorn Factory in Aberdeen.  We will then donated it to the Friendship House.  The Friendship House is the 30 bed, women’s and children’s, shelter of the Union Gospel Mission.  This is from the Friendship House web page…
Women come alone or with their children to us from all over the area. Some are leaving difficult relationships and have found themselves with no income or home; some have addictions that are destroying their lives; some are going to school but can’t make ends meet; some are working at minimum wage jobs and are unable to care properly for themselves or their children. Whatever the reason, we hope Friendship House will be a place of refuge and a place of hope for each one.”
I can’t wait to start another group project, this was a lot of fun.  I loved keeping track of who had finished and how close we were to getting to the end. 
I’m sure more has happened over the past couple of weeks, but my hubby is home from fishing and the dogs are barking, so I guess that’s my cue to go start dinner.
I’ll update more tomorrow…maybe!

One response to “end of summer…

  1. The Casbah yarn is gorgeous! Wow! What are you planning to do with it?
    I just love the star dishcloth too.

    What I wouldn’t do for 65 degree weather. We get that temperature around 5 o’clock in the morning and then suffer through with 80 or higher during the day. I am very ready for Fall to come. =)

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