I’m going to do it!

I have been talking to my mom about this Master Cleanse thing that she has been doing for the last couple of weeks with very good results, so I’ve decided to do it too!

So what is the Master Cleanse?  You can find a lot of information about it on the web, and I’ve read a lot about it.  Mostly all good stuff, but some yucky stuff too.  Well it is a “cleanse” after all what was I expecting! 🙂  The Master Cleanse (sometimes called the Lemonade Diet) consists of fresh organic lemons (or limes), maple syrup (grade B organic), and cayenne pepper mixed with water and drunk every 2 hours a day and no other food is consumed.

This cleanse helps…

-Dissolve and eliminates toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body
-Cleanses the kidneys and the digestive system
-Purifies the glands and cells
-Eliminates all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles
-Builds a healthy blood stream
-Helps eliminate excess body weight

Lemon– Lemon is a natural cleansing agent for the body. It helps break down mucus and excess waste, and fat so the body naturally eliminates it. It also has acids that break down calcified substances like gall and kidney stones. Many people report passing gallstones while on the Master Cleanse that they never even knew they had!

Maple Syrup– Maple Syrup is the ingredient that gives you the fuel that will keep you going over the period of the cleanse. It contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Cayenne pepper– Cayenne Pepper also breaks up mucus and toxins in the body. It boosts your metabolism as well to keep you burning excess fat during your Master Cleanse.

I’m only on day ONE and so far so good, I’ll let ya know how it progresses.  The way I’m looking at this, is that with me not eating that frees up more time for knitting!








2 responses to “I’m going to do it!

  1. I wish you the best!
    I didn’t like the way I “cleansed” myself this week. Better your way than mine.

  2. So, sending you a food parcel for SP12 would not be a good thing!?! 😉

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