SP 12 Question #6…

Questions #6
What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

Well, like a huge number of knitters… it’s socks.  (Secondary projects would be wash rags and baby items.)

Now as for the number of projects to take… well, I too like many knitters seem to think they become super turbo knitter when they are on vacation and I bring enough knitting to keep me busy for a month… even if it’s just a 3 day vacation break! 

We try to go camping as often as possible and we usually go for 2 or 3 days… What I pack for these trips:  1 or 2 sock projects (started and not started), a baby sweater of sort.  And one of my unfinished shawls or sweaters.  I know I couldn’t possible get them done silly – I bring them all so that I have something to pick from if I get tired of the one I’m working on – and secondly I bring them because I LOVE THEM!  I never want to be far from all my UFOs!!  I also have to hide or disguise them a little or my husband would have a stroke if he knew how much I brought with me! 

We are leaving to go camping on Friday (Silver Springs Campground – WA) and will be gone until Monday.  What I am going to bring with me… the 2 baby sweaters I am working on, a pair of socks that I have not yet started for my mom, and my BYOB.  I think this is just the right amount of knitting to accompany me on my long weekend trip!

Have a great weekend and I’ll post on my progress next week!


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