Guess who got a package today?


When I got home tonight I had a surprise in the mailbox.  I received a wonderful SP12 gift box. 

Inside my box… Regia sock yarn – Pompon; Emergency Chocolate; sock dpn’s; needle holders; soak; bent tip needles; a very cool sock pattern book in German!; and one very, very cute little card, all of this was in the wonderful RED Emergency Knitting kit bag!  I saw this bag not long ago and thought, “Oh, I want one of those!”  and “poof” here it is!  Do I have the greatest secret pal or what!!!  Thank you Nosy1 you are great!

here’s an upclose picture of this yarn knit up into house socks…

And now a quick shot of a beautiful evening on the lake with the sun going down…

OK,I know this was a quick post, but I need to get back to doing the laundry, or I won’t have anything to wear to work tomorrow!


2 responses to “Guess who got a package today?

  1. I LOVE the red bag! I also love how it is looking out at the lake. lol
    I can’t wait to see those socks, that is so cool!
    I got some of the emergency chocolate yesterday for my grammy kit!

  2. Here’s hoping you’re prepared for any of life’s little emergencies!

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