Finishing 102…

Patty and I made the trip to Kent on Saturday morning for our Finishing Class. Our instructor, Liz, is wonderful. This class was just as great as the first. We made a little vest this time.

This is my completed little vest… we learned how to pick up stitches for a button band, make button holes (not just slits) crochet forward and backward around the arm holes.

close up of button holes

I really feel like I can do a much better job of finishing a project now.  I can’t wait to try practicing making button holes.  I also can’t wait to finish my pink sweater so I can put what I’ve learned in use.

After class we went to Trader Joe’s, Barnes and Noble and Starbucks.  I have a friend that has told me that the Double Shot is really good, and so we tried it… they aren’t good… they are GREAT!!!!  Thanks for sharing.  I was so tired by the time we got to Starbucks I really needed a pick me up.  I made it home by 6pm and I think hubby was bummed because he wanted me to do yard work with him.  But not to worry we had lots of togetherness on Sunday doing yard work ALL DAY!  No knitting today, I can hardly type. 

I got a little bit of knitting done on our way to class Saturday morning – here is what my BOYB looks like going to Kent.

I have 3 rounds done, I’ll work more on this at work Monday.  Well, it’s time for me to go crash now, I can hardly stay awake.

Have a great week.




One response to “Finishing 102…

  1. I can’t wait to learn from you.
    Ahhhh, did I tell you about the doubleshot? I know I’m hooked on them…and they’re cheaper than anything else I like other than drip.
    Your bag is going to be so cool…I am almost ready to start my handles and I’m thinking about colors for the next one.

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