Success! (part 1 of 2)

Yes, that’s right!  I think our WWKIP day was a Success!!

For some reason, when I asked for sunshine, I forgot to say in Aberdeen, and they had sunshine in Ocean Shores, where I live.  Oh silly me… or lucky me for when I got home!  It didn’t rain so I can’t complain.

bring on the coffee

First thngs first, bring on the coffee!

We had two waiting at the door when I got to the Coffee Bean Cafe and one more in minutes after that.  Last year we enjoyed lounging on sofas in the front of the store, but this year they were gone.  But not to fear, we are knitters and we can be flexible and adapt to most any situation.  We took over the whole back of the store.  They have one of those great large square high tables and we took that and the little tables around it, as well as the window seats and outside for those that had blankets to wrap up in!

Show me the pictures!  OK, here we go…

Notice the blankets…

patty & julie

nothin gonna stop these knitters!

julie wins pink gift

Above is a picture of the first winner of the day… Julie won a cute little pink gift of pale pink chenille and a wash cloth pattern, and the ever so cute “Have you any wool” button!

In one of my past posts you can see the rest of the buttons we were stylin’ that day!  And the super special buttons for those of us that are on Ravelry… Sherri gave us Ravelry buttons to write our Rav names on them.

Hubby says it’s time to go… so I will have to finish this post tonight when we get home.  We are off to BURLINGTON!  Day trip… I better get my knitting and run!  Have a great Father’s Day, and I promise to post more pictures from yesterday when we return.


One response to “Success! (part 1 of 2)

  1. It looks like you had such a fun time. I wish I could have been there.

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