Iced Coffee anyone?

SP 12 first question!!

What is your favorite summertime drink? Don’t be silly… it’s an iced coffee drink.  Favorite is White Chocolate Blackberry Iced Coffee.  Made with Batdorf Bronson coffee (Dancing Goats blend), Ghirardelli White Chocolate powder, Blackberry Da Vinci gourmet syrup, and unsweetened almond milk (or rice milk).    And to accompany it… what else… BATDORF & BRONSON CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO BEANS!!!

Something new for me is to make dark chocolate mocha cubes to go in my iced coffee drinks. YUM! 

Dark Chocolate Mocha Cubes:  Blend hot espresso or strong coffee with a good dark chocolate drink mix, stir until dissolved.  Then stir in a little of whatever milk product or non-dairy you drink.  My favorite is unsweetened almond milk.  Oh so creamy and fewer calories than half n half. Then pour into cube trays and freeze.   (the first time I had these they were made with Ghirardelli White Chocolate powder and half n half – oh so sinful & good).  Either way they are awesome in your iced coffee drinks! 

With all this talk of iced coffee drinks… well… I think I’ll make something in the decaf line, with white chocolate and peanut butter syrup!!!  My second favorite! 

OK, now I’m back to getting ready for the big event on Saturday!

W. W. K. I. P. DAY!!!!

One more thing to share.  I found this at

Bag of Coffee – Kuala Lumpur

“There is a mania across Asia for serving drinks in plastic bags. In the Kuala Lumpur Chinatown I found this guy who makes the best iced coffees, and this is how the coffee is served.” 

  I personally have never been to Kuala Lumpur… but if ever I go, I’m gonna find this guy!




2 responses to “Iced Coffee anyone?

  1. As always, you make me laugh.

    Gosh, Iam going to have to try making those ice cubes. I am not a lover of white chocolate by any stretch of the imagination…but the dark sounds yummy.

    That picture is so funny.

    I’m glad you’re showing up here more often…you always make me smile.

  2. Yummy!! i love iced coffee too. The coffee in a bag idea is interesting- never heard of that before!

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