That’s not fair…

It is so not fair to come out with all these wonderful things that I want to knit when I can’t even finish what I have on all my needles now! 

Yes, I have been visiting the website, they have the Summer issue up.  I want to make the “helena” and the “spring forward” (I love these socks) oh, and I really like the “byob” (that’s Bring Your Own Bag – I gotta find me some of this yarn and I love the colors they picked too – do they know how to suck me in or what).  A few others I really like too, but these 3 were talking to me baby! I mean talking LOUD!

Don’t freak… I’m not going to cast on to anything new until at least after my next class (that’s June 21st)… well if my will-power holds out. 

That’s all I have to say for now.

Oh, one more thing go visit this blog…  I dare you not to fall in love with her “Yarn” entry from June 7th.  I wish I could draw – I’m going to add that to my 100 things list too.  Is someone taking notes so I’ll remember to add all this stuff! 🙂

I just blogged twice in one day!~ happy anniversary to me!



3 responses to “That’s not fair…

  1. Ooooo, the shop on Caroline’s Crayons is one of my favorites. It would be one of yours as well…a coffee/knit shop. That’s right! Coffee and Knitting all in one place. They open early for the morning commuters too.

  2. Thanks for the link, I loved it.

  3. amazing blog you gots here, thanks a ton for making it available!

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