June’s here…

so what have i got going on…well, i have a knitting sweaters finishing class this weekend, then knit in public day the following weekend, then the second half of my class on finishing sweaters the 3rd weekend of june.  rick is on duty the 4th weekend so we won’t be camping that weekend either.  so for june NO CAMPING!  next trip is planned for july 18-20 with my brother his girlfriend their 5 boys and my mom and her husband and we are inviting rick’s daughter too.  we reserved 2 camp sites.  so if anyone wants to go camping there are still a few places available for that weekend… the more the merrier!  silver springs campground it’s on hwy 410 about 30 miles out of enumclaw, washington, on the white river.  lots of trees and trails to explore.  and me sitting in my chair knitting near the campfire!

today at lunch time i started answering all the questions for the secret pal 12 questionnaire, and tonight i finished it!  i finished something – yeah!  I have posted it on a new page tab at the top of my blog.  it sure seems like i’m sharing a lot of personal information these days.  my husband would probably freak out if he knew… he is so anti-share on the network any personal details.  yet he pays everything online!  go figure.

also at lunch today… i knit 8 rows wrong on my red bed jacket – they will need to be tinked.  then when i realized what i was doing was wrong, i picked up my noro scarf and proceeded to knit 2 rows wrong on it.  after that i just listened to a podcast. 

pictures… well i don’t think i have any new knitting pictures… but i do have this little beauty…

sleepy dogs

these are my totally pooped out dogs after our outing on saturday.  they couldn’t wait to get back to the camp site and get in my bed!

 and this is my weekend knitting home away from home in the trees…

knitting house

well that’s a wrap for today, more to follow this week or weekend!

One response to “June’s here…

  1. There are no KIP events in my town, but I’ll be outside knitting anyway. Hopefully, I’ll get a stranger/neighbor to take a pic of me for proof.

    Have a great time!

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