This and that…

Where to begin… when you don’t blog for a long time the camera gets full and I wonder what to share and what to just put in my Flickr.

So let’s start with the most recent and go backwards a little.

This is the beautiful Moonbeam by Kim Hargreaves…


I thought I would be done by now, but life keeps getting in the way!  I’m working on the hoodie part now, and if my sweetie keeps sleeping (he was on duty last night and got home at 5:30 am!)  anyway, I just might get it done.  I am really enjoying knitting this pattern.  One, it’s very simple, and Two, it’s awesome yarn… it feels so yummy to knit with.

Next up in the camera… my RED Bed Jacket, it’s in the book Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael.  I have finished the back and now I’m working on the left front.


Bed Jacket

I would never have thought to make this little number if it wasn’t for my running across it on Ravelry.  I saw a few of them done with different edge patterns, and I fell in love with it.  I want to say a HUGE thank you to Zonulin (Ravelry name) for giving me details on how to make changes.  She made two of them and you really should check them out… but, be careful… you may want to knit one too after seeing them!

Last weekend we had fairly nice weather and we took the boat out for the first time.  Cassie and Thor (our dogs) love to go out on the boat.

  Happy Dogs ! 

happy dogs

Cassie the co-pilot

I can’t remember how long ago I special ordered these, but I forgot and she forgot and well, now I have these beautiful new felted stitch markers…

felted stitch markers

4 Cupcakes and 4 sheep and 1 beautiful Thank You marker!  You can find these awesome little goodies at Jelby on – they come in all different sizes and types.  Do you shop very often on Etsy?  I’ll have to admit that I don’t.  The only time I get to Etsy is when someone tells me about something wonderful.  Otherwise I’m afraid I might spend to much time there too, just like when I go nuts at Ravelry.  There is so much to look at, and drool over.

Now we are going back to the weekend of April 26th in the camera… I will post on my Camping Blog after I finish with this one today.  But I do want to share these pictures with you… they have nothing to do with knitting…


Yes, this is a camel!  We saw this little cutie while we were out camping at Manchester State Park, WA.  He was standing next to the other one the first time we went to town and I didn’t have my camera ready, so we thought we would stop on the way back.  And of course they were both sitting or laying down!  Even with the dogs barking, they would not get up.

The things you run across while out camping! 

Well, I’m going to end here and try to get some knitting done.  Are you having nice weather?  We had a beautiful Friday here at the beach – the warmest day on record. And then Saturday was pretty darn nice too, not as warm, and the winds changed and started coming in from the ocean.  But it was nice enough to wear shorts most of the day.  Wearing shorts… now that’s a new one for me.  I usually don’t like to wear shorts because I don’t like my legs.  But guess what, I think I’m old enough to get over it, and just enjoy life.  I can’t change the way my legs look overnight, and even when my weight is down, I don’t much like the way my legs look.  BUT, here is what I did do… I tanned those pretty big shapely legs, and I can live with it!  🙂  So get out there and enjoy some life, and pick up those sticks and get knitting!


3 responses to “This and that…

  1. The knitting is just beautiful, both projects. I’ll go check out that bed jacket on Ravelry.

    I have that yarn for you, if you stop in and I’m not there it’s by the couch. I didn’t get it rewound, it tangles up on itself a little so I only got half of what I’d ripped out loose, only because I was too lazy in that hot room over our heatwave.

  2. Those are the neatest stitch markers I have ever seen!
    The Moonbeam is looking lovely and the marker you have on that is pretty too. I still use the ugly round rings.

    It’s windy and cool here today, so I won’t be able to play in my garden like I had planned. Instead, I’ll stay inside and knit. A win-win in my eyes.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Bobtailed!!

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