Knitting not Blogging…

So now it’s May… what’s going on… 

We went on our first camp trip of the year to Manchester State Park (WA) and I’ll post on my other blog later. 

In the mean time I’ve been knitting and haven’t been very good about blogging.  I’m working on a red bed jacket and a moonbean cape for a friends daughter and still knitting on my voyager too.  And now it’s time to get my pink sweater out and get it finished up.  New projects are begging to be cast on, and I’m trying to pace myself.  Did I mention I’m working on a purple hairy ITV monkee too!?!

Pictures and more details to follow. 

In the mean time I found this wonderful blog (non-knitting) that is worth a mouth watering view.

Cookie Madness

Keep knitting!


2 responses to “Knitting not Blogging…

  1. Enjoyed our visits at TYC – missing your blog.

  2. I miss you, too…especially if I am going to go 3 weeks without seeing you! Love your new header!

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