It’s April!

Hey, I haven’t blogged in so long, they have changed the format.  I feel a little lost. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged all month!  OK, maybe I can… I’ve been knitting and stuff.  Where to begin.  I finished my Sable Panel Jacket and wore it to work last week! 

jacketback of panel jacket

Details are on my Ravelry project page.  This is big news for me.  A large project done.  This was a great jacket/sweater to knit.  I think I will knit it again, but in a totally different way.  Now that I know what to expect and what I’m doing, there are so many cool things to do with this sweater.  But not right away… my list of items to knit is growing so quickly. 

In the Knitting Daily email I recently received, the question was asked if we bought yarn with a project in mind, or just bought yarn because we like/love it.  Well I think I do both.  I tend to buy yarn with a project in mind most of the time.  Example… I just bought this beautiful red Cascade Sierra yarn for my Celtic Cabled Slipover (yarn swatched in pictured on the far right in picture).  

my favorite colors

But in this same picture I ran across this awesome sock yarn on Friday and had to have it.  Now I have decided that it is far to beautiful to put in my shoes, so I will make it up into a shawl of some sort, it has 480 yards!   Here’s another shot of the yarn…

etsy sock yarn   skein of yummy yarn

And are we seeing a trend here?  Yes, I am feeling the love for lots of red, orange and green lately.  I picked up this super cute little DellaQ bag while I was in McMinnville Oregon a couple of weeks ago.  I was attending the wedding of the daughter of my oldest and dearest friend.  We have known each other since we were 5 years old!  That will be 40 years!!!

Here’s what two old and dear friends look like with goofy grins, after the wedding, and after being in the rain packing up the wedding stuff…

Shanda and Brenda

Here’s a couple of spring wedding pictures…

tabby's wedding

have you ever seen so many daffodils?  this wedding was held at the fairgrounds, and the aisle was lined with daffodils and everywhere you looked there was spring.  This is after the wedding and we had to empty all the flowers back into buckets.  The lady in the photo is my friends mom (aunt Sandy to me) all of these flowers came from her house.  Even the bathrooms had huge bunches of daffodils!

bride and groom

This is the beautiful bride and groom rushing out.

I’m going to be jumping around a little here, so hang in there with me.

Last Friday (the 18th) my co-workers, dear friends, and great knitters Patty and Julie and I went to the Spring Fair in Puyallup.  Now, let me say we didn’t know what to expect, we just want to have a fun day.  First we got there 10 minutes before it opened and got to enjoy the fresh freezing air of spring…


During the Spring Fair they had a Red Hat’s event… theme… Spring Hats!  These are all winners!  The little lady in the front next to Julie in the purple jacket had springs with flowers on her hat! (slinky’s!)  I hope we are this happy at this age. (not that far off now!)

OK, here is the best buy of the day (drum roll please)…

hair remover 

What is it you ask?  It’s a facial hair remover!  You bend it in half and twist the pink things and it pulls the hair out.  Done laughing now?  OK, on the way to the fair I felt a chin hair, and couldn’t pull it out.  I know this has happened to all of you at one time… don’t lie, it has too.  Well this nifty thing pulls those bad boys out lickitysplit.  When we got back to the car, I couldn’t stop rolling it over and under my chin.  My chin is so smooth and soft! 🙂  All three of us bought one, and I’ll post the website later this week because I know you are going to want one.  I brought it to work today and 5 people want one!!!  The website says they are on Mercer Island, WA – right in our backyard – almost.  I must get one of these for my mom, she can’t seem to see those little hairs on her chin and this is super simple to use. 

It’s hard to follow that… but I’ll try.  I made a Baby Bolero from the One Skein book.  And a first for me is that I made it from the yarn they knit it out of.  Blue Sky Alpaca Dyed Cotton (100% Organically grown) in light pink.  This is so darn cute, and it was started and finished in a day.


You can see that I didn’t have much yarn left from this skein of 150 yards.  Oh, and look what else I got…

No, not the Trader Joes bag on the floor (it’s new too) – I got an umbrella swift!!!  It’s not a super big one, but it does a fine job!  It was less than $60 at The Knittery in Renton, where I also had to purchase this yarn because it was on sale…  I think it was less than $8 for the two!!!!  Yes for another shawl.

It’s so soft and a beautiful shade of green, it didn’t photograph very well.

OK, there is still more to share but it will have to wait.  I have to go to a meeting in Seattle tomorrow and must get up very early.  So I’ll pause for today.



2 responses to “It’s April!

  1. Beautiful wedding!

    I love my swift too coupled with my ball winder. They make mean work of any skein. =)

  2. I want one of those pink things. lol

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