Guess who changed their blog header… again!  (little snicker – I just can’t help myself!) 

I’m sure it’s March 28th, but it’s snowing… what’s that all about?  We were supposed to go camping this weekend… are you done laughing now?  Well, we decided that since they got more snow were we wanted to go, that we would just wait a few more weeks.  Both my husband and I have the bug to go out in the pop-up.  We are going to try again in mid April.  Our first time out this year we have decided to visit Manchester State Park.  I’ll post on my other blog once we go.

Well, I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been busy sleeping, and even doing a bit of knitting!  The sleeping is because I’ve been sick.  First wave lasted about 2 weeks, and just when I thought I getting my energy level back up, wham!  The next wave of sickness hit.  This time it has been more like a bad cold with a side of sinus pain.  But I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better now and I’m even trying to get  back into working out some.  It feels so good when I do, but when I stop it’s double hard to start back again. 

OK, what’s on the needles…  My dear friend (and co-worker) Julie and I are working on the Panel Jacket at the same time. 

We both started within a day of each other, and the pattern is a one size fits most pattern (yeah right, now I’m laughing)  I think I know how to make is larger if I need to.  I’m hoping I won’t have to after I block it.  It’s a very simple pattern and kind of fun.  Just like it’s name, it is all worked in panels.  The nicest part about knitting this with a friend is it keeps me motivated to keep going… wouldn’t want her to get ahead of me ya know.  I’m almost in the home stretch now and she is leaving for a trip to Montana and will have lots of knitting time in the car.   So this means I must devote my weekend to my knitting!  I don’t know why my husband can’t understand this, I don’t want to do housework right now, I have knitting to do!  I can’t let Julie come back from spring break with her sweater done, and me not have mine done.

I needed to knit something that I could have instant gratification… here it is…

This pattern is from “dishcloths from the heart” by Evelyn A Clark.

I recently purchased a new pattern, Norwegian Woods Shawl  designer is the wonderful Sivia Harding, and to go with it I  had to get the perfect lace yarn.  I read lot of reviews about several yarns on Ravelry and decided I must have some Chewy Spaghetti yarn.  The colorway I picked is Moody.  And to go with it, so it wouldn’t be lonely in the box, I purchased one beautiful skein of pumpkin colorway lace yarn from All Things Heather.  I just like looking at it for now! 


Some people should be so proud of me… I haven’t cast on for this new project yet!  I’m waiting until I have completed my panel jacket.  And then I will get back to my pink sweater and think about casting on for the shawl!  🙂

OK, I must go knit now.  I will blog again this weekend with pictures of my progress.


One response to “snow?

  1. yes, I would be proud of you. 🙂

    Isn’t this snow just crazy?

    I didn’t know you were sick, I wondered why I hadn’t seen you! I hope you are feeling better very soon. (((hugs)))

    And the sweater is looking great.

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