getting out of town…

Before I talk about the fact that I can knit again! I’m going to share what we did Saturday.

I don’t think I’ve been out of the county since October 2007!  Hubby and I hit the road around noon and headed toward the mountain (Mt Rainier).  I say “headed” we were not going to the mountain, we were going to Ike Kinswa State Park.  Silly as it may sound, we just enjoyed a peaceful drive (with no crazy dogs).  Reason for this trip: to find the perfect camp site!  We’ve been talking about camping a lot lately, and I want to make some of our summer reservations soon, but we wanted to make sure we got a good spot, and that it was a campground worthy of our time.  Yes, this is a beautiful place.  The whole campground is not open at this time of year, but we stopped and talked to the Campground Host, and he gave us helpful information and a map of all the sites.  It was snowing the whole time we were there. (Not sticking yet) What a beautiful place in the cold wet snow, but I can’t wait to see it in June! 

This picture was taken looking back at the bridge from the entrance, as we were leaving.  It stopped snowing for just a couple of minutes while I jumped out of the truck.

This is the bridge crossing Mayfield Lake before you get to the Ike Kinswa State Park… well now that I say that I think bridge crosses on the rivers that dumps into the lake.

After leaving the Mayfield Lake area we headed back toward Olympia, and Millersylvania State Park.  This park is located just a few miles off I-5, next to Deep Lake. 

Deep Lake – a very cold early evening shot.

Very pretty place.  I’m not sure about the Utility hook up sites.  They aren’t as nice as the primitive sites in the trees.  This will be a maybe place to go.  The nice part is that it’s so close, just under 2 hours from the beach/home.

So now that it was getting dark, and we were getting hungry we headed for home.  The weather was mostly rain, and rain mixed with snow.  So what better to have for dinner/lunch… Miso soup!  We stopped in Montesano for a big yummy bowl of Miso soup for me, and something huge for Rick.  A Bento Box with chicken, shrimp, rice, salad, and lots of California rolls.

Now it’s time to work off all that food… let’s go to Wal-Mart!  We popped into Wally-World for some organizing containers for the garage (the place I don’t go very often because I might mess it up or leave some of my yarn out there!)  I did get a cover for my ipod (did I mention that I got an after Christmas present – an ipod nano! – thank you sweet hubby).  Anyway, quick trip running around the store and then home sweet home.  I love coming home to my babies, they just go nuts barking and wiggling and licking and jumping!  They make you feel so welcome. 

That about wraps up our Saturday.  Next Saturday is the Chocolate Festival just up the beach from us, so it will be a short and tasty trip for us.

Now knitting!

Tuesday I got my soft cast off!  This picture was on the way to the doctor’s office.

It was a very snowing morning, and I fell in the parking lot, landing on my left wrist (the side I had surgery on).  Good thing I had all that padding on my wrist and my backside. 🙂

No damage done, just sore.  After leaving this appointment I headed for home for a short break before my dental appointment.  So what did I do? KNIT!!!  I started working on my sots ii.  I love this stole so far.  I’m really enjoying knitting this first hint.  I’m not stressed that hint number 3 came out on Friday, I’m just really enjoying knitting.  On my breaks at work I’m knitting on a pair of socks that I started last year in April!  I have less than one sock left to knit. I thought they were done, but one of the socks was just not right, the toe didn’t match up and it didn’t fit right so it’s a “do-over”.  It’s like working on a brand new project and yet it’s over half done!  I am making an effort to finish up some old projects while knitting on new ones.

I have no pictures of my knitting yet.  But I’ll post some very soon.  I close with a couple more pictures of the lake last Sunday, it was starting to form a thin layer of ice.


hail storm
Hail storm!
Thor watching the ducks land on the lake.  Just a little hail coming down.

2 responses to “getting out of town…

  1. Congrats on being able to knit again! I must admit that I zoomed past all the pretty pictures just to read about you knitting again. Can’t wait for pictures of your mystery stole.
    Oh, I love the last pic of Thor standing in the hail. It’s such a great contrast.

  2. I still shudder to think of you falling in the doctor’s parking lot! Love the pics!

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