The 3 S’s…

what i’m dreaming of these days…

what i’m doing these days is far from it!  i’m working on a mystery puzzle.  i haven’t read the story yet, i just jumped into the puzzle.  (see all that sunshine on the lake, i sat outside with a blanket to enjoy some.  couldn’t stay long… brrrrr)

hmmm… a mystery puzzle… maybe if i take the time to read it, i’ll understand what the items are that i’m putting together, and it wouldn’t be such a mystery, ya think! 

yes, i stayed up till 3 am while hubby was on duty saturday night, and then last night (sunday) i stayed up till 3 am again… looking at knitting patterns and reading blogs, etc!  one of my favorite things to do.  i read about so many things, and found some very helpful items along the way. and i found a few little un-useful things that i added to the side of my blog. 🙂

tomorrow i’m back to work, well only until 2, because i have a dentist appointment.  i’m toying with the idea of taking my little cassie with me.  she loves to go, and she does so good at work, and everyone loves to pet her.  we’ll see how i feel in the morning.  i haven’t been using any pain pills, just ice and elevation, and my wrist seems to be doing good.  today my drug of choice was sinus meds to try and dry up my head.  well, i’m off to the puzzle for a little bit and then to bed (i mean the sofa – it’s the only safe place to sleep with the dogs and hubby around). 



One response to “The 3 S’s…

  1. I love to do puzzles. I normally go on a binge though where I stay up late and get up early to work on the puzzle. I can’t seem to stop until its finished. Then, I don’t want to work on puzzles for about a year.
    I’ve never heard of mystery puzzles. It seems like it would be such fun!
    So glad to hear you are feeling better!

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