surgery complete…

i’m back home.

today started with a scheduled trip to the grays harbor community hospital.  registered at 9 am and then up to the second floor for carpal tunnel surgery.  day surgery was pretty full today, and i was very, very lucky to have pauline for a nurse.  last time i was in (back in october) it took forever, and 5 trys to get my iv in.  this is not uncommon for me.  today… one try!  with just a few delays and some waiting i went in at about 11:15 am.  this time i had a local only, and was able to be very awake and talking during the quick procedure.  dr. may is wonderful… super quick and i think he said only two stitches.  by 12:30 we were at rite aid to drop off my pain pill script and then off to the gas station, cash machine, and for hubby… jack-in-the-box.  for me a hot rice milk latte – gingerbread and white chocolate… yummy, and very comforting.  then back to pick up pain drugs and home just after 1:30 pm… still doing good, so i had some soup and got settled on the sofa with the dogs.  some napping and a little im communicating and more napping to dream of when i can knit again.

i found this little goodie when i woke from my nap this evening… i didn’t even know it was there… just a little out of it i guess.

cassie taking care of mommy.

yucky yellow fingers and the dogs keeping my spot on the sofa warm.

sofa warmers!

that’s about it for tonight.  off to dream land again.


3 responses to “surgery complete…

  1. Glad to hear the surgery was successful (or rather nonevenetful). Feel better soon!

  2. I’m so glad to see you looking so good. Good Cassie, keep taking care of Mommy.

    Take care of yourself, girl. I’m glad you got to stop in the other day.

  3. Sorry I missed you – I looked for you in the waiting room a couple of times.

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