We made it to Friday…

I’m still working on my beautiful red spring shawl surprise… I’m on my second try with the red!  I will NOT give up on this project.  I get to row 9 and find myself with too many stitches.  I am going to have some alone time on Saturday for knitting and enjoying the wonderful coffee that I received in my Caffeine Swap box from BeanCountKnitter.  No TV, just music and relaxing dogs snoring… what more can one ask for on what should be a lovely rainy Saturday afternoon!  My sweet husband will be on duty from 3pm to 3am.  So all I have to do is stay away from my computer.  For some reason as soon as I log on I’m on Ravelry, then I’m at someones blog seeing some wonderful shawl, sweater or socks (the evil 3 – they draw me in every time I see a new pattern!)  So, I need to just keep the lap top turned off.  I’ll post pictures on Sunday with my progress.

OK, now I have to say that I was quickly visiting my local friends blogs and noticed that Sherri has something new… have you seen how she signs her blog now?  Too cool… I must have this too… more time on the computer I thought, but it was so quick and easy I now have 6 different signatures… never do just one when six is much more fun! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “We made it to Friday…

  1. Oh I like your signature! For some reason, mine has the box around it and I can’t figure out how to turn that part off.
    Missed you this week!

  2. Sorry to hear you are having such trouble with your red shawl. Hope you had a relaxing day!

  3. I hope you haven’t had your surgery yet, I haven’t heard from you so I don’t know when it is! There’s a little present at my blog for you!

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