A Hot Shower and A Cookie…

Saturday…  The sun is shining today and the sky is all blue!  Well, it doesn’t look so blue in this picture, but it was, and it was very calm on the lake.

Well, last night I did stay up and bake cookies!  Butterscotch and Chocolate Chip cookies.  Last weekend before the storm, I stopped in at The Market Place in Aberdeen and picked up some whole wheat pastry flour.  Perfect in my cookies.  I think I’ll be stopping in again soon for more.  Oh, and if you stop in there, be sure to pick up a pumpkin cookie at the register, they are the best in the world.  Yes, that’s right, the world.  Big chewy soft pumpkin cookies – wish I had one now!  Well as this day unfolds I have now sheared both dogs like sheep today, and I’ve vacuumed twice.  We are on the 3rd load of laundry and things are really looking up.  I’m even thinking about baking a lasagna for dinner… well, maybe I shouldn’t get so carried away.  If I do too much Rick will wonder why I don’t do these things more often, and that would cut into my knitting time. 

I’ll wrap up this post later tonight… back to house work!

OK, I didn’t get back to the computer on Saturday so I’m finishing up this post today (Sunday).

Our sunshine is gone and it’s cold and rainy and foggy.  But, I don’t even care… WE HAVE POWER and I can take a HOT shower!  I slept in again this morning and it felt sooooo good.  Rick had to get up at 4:00am to get ready and be on duty at 6:00 am.  So that gave me the day to play and be lazy.  I shaved Thor again, his hair has never, ever, ever been this short, and I love it!  Rick was shocked when he got home and saw him.  But he is so soft and cute, it makes him look more puppy-like. 

I started Cassie’s Shrug last night, just couldn’t help myself.  I was really surprised when she picked the cheap grape colored yarn over the Cascade 220 orange.  But, it’s for her so whatever.  I almost finished it.  I have 5 more rows to go and then I’ll get some pictures of her wearing it.  She does look pretty good in purple, but I really liked the orange.  Maybe I’ll make another one later.  Here’s what I have so far for pictures of the Cables + Bits shrug.

Don’t you love the picture of this cute little dog wearing a blue shrug!

The inside looks pretty cool huh!  What a beautiful pick up and knit line I made.

Here’s the back of it, so you can see the simple Tangled Cable pattern.

I love this pattern because it’s so quick and easy.  Sarah Wilson has out done herself with this cute and fun little pattern.  Thanks for sharing it with us.  (Yes, I know I have lots of other projects I’m supposed to be working on… but… well… ya know how it is.)  🙂

I guess it’s that time to get things wrapped up for the night and get ready for another fun filled week at work!  But first I have to finish Cassie’s Shrug! 



One response to “A Hot Shower and A Cookie…

  1. Congrats on getting your power back!

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