No Power Yet…

Well here we are on Thursday, and still no power.  Actually we are more fortunate than most because hubby wanted to make sure back in September that he would be able to work, just in case the power should go out.  So we have a generator wired in to our utility panel in the garage.  We have lights, microwave, the most important coffee maker, and the TV are all available to us.  OK, the most important thing is really Rick’s computers, so he can work.  We do not have our heaters, but we do have a propane fireplace and the fan works to blow heat in our front room.  It does a good job too.  We don’t have our washer and dryer, or range/oven, and our fifth member of the family – the dish washer… and NO HOT WATER!  But I’m not complaining, really, I’m not.  Our routine for this week has been as follows: wake at 5:30am, bundle up and go out to the garage to watch hubby take generator outside (bet you wish I had a picture of this), wait for him to get it going and then my most important job… I plug the cable in!  I think he wants to make sure if anyone is going to get zapped… well… that it’s NOT him!  Now that’s love.

On the way home tonight I heard on the radio that Ocean Shores wasn’t going to be getting power late tonight like they had thought.  It seems there is another power pole down here in town that will need to be replaced.  So now they are saying tomorrow morning some time.  You know what that means!  I’m going to get to take a hot shower tomorrow night when I get home!  Wahooooo!  I don’t think I could thank those power people out there enough.  I was thinking about it as I drove to work this morning, that this is a huge, and I mean really huge job.  Our local PUD has been hard at work since the winds stopped blowing and they are doing an amazing job.  I believe they have crews from all over Washington state here helping too.  Things got off to a bumpy start with 2 PUD men getting injured while working during the storm.  One man fell 40 feet from the bucket on his truck.  They had to take him to Seattle to the hospital, but he is doing better now.  Both were first taken to our local Hospital in Aberdeen, and then the emergency crews had to actually cut a path through the trees that were down over the roads to get him out of Grays Harbor.  What an adventure that must have been.  I’m just glad that they are both doing better now.  One nice thing about small communities and local radio stations, they do a good job at keeping you posted on everything!

The main highway that leads from Aberdeen to Montesano (where I work) is now open!  I am so glad, I hated having to go around the long way.  I couldn’t believe what a mess the trees left and the damage they did falling on all the guard rails along the road – all I can say is wow, it’s amazing more people were hurt. 

OK, are you ready for some more exciting news?   The temperatures are dropping and the skies are clearing… we are supposed to be down in the upper 20’s and low 30’s tonight and through the weekend.  But even more exciting is that we may have moisture come back by Sunday, just in time to bring us more snow – maybe… well, what we are hearing right now, may very well change by then. 

Because of the storm we are going to have our bazaar continue next week too.  So I’m still knitting worshrags.  I’m hoping to get another 5 done before Monday.  I really need/want to get back to knitting on my mom’s Christmas present, and I miss knitting on my GAA blocks.  Oh well, it will all still be there.  I’m just getting that weird feeling again because I’m 5 weeks from surgery on my left wrist.  Remember how well I did with the right! 🙂  I think this time will go better because it’s my left hand, and I’m right handed.  It’s just the thought of no knitting for several weeks.  Last time I did a lot of catching up on blog reading and finding way too many patterns that I think I need to knit!

I want to share something so cool that happened to me last week.  One of my dear knitting/co-workers brought me the coolest thing… just out of the blue…


Don’t you love it.  It’s my knitting bank!  I’m thinking I should be putting money in it for something special, but I just haven’t figured out what yet.  Any ideas?  (I mean besides more yarn.) 

I’m going to leave you now with a picture of my lovely Cassie Rabbit (yes, I know she’s a dog) this is her favorite place to hog the heat. 


If you pull her nap blankies away from the fireplace she just pulls them right back.  She gets so hot, and then she just rolls over to cook her other side.  You should see how pink her tummy gets.  I’ll keep pulling her back and trying to stay warm for the night myself. 

Ya’ll stay safe! 


2 responses to “No Power Yet…

  1. i love, love, love your bank!!!!
    I was so happy to see you today, thank you so much for stopping by. I needed to see your face!
    Thanks, too, for sharing your pictures. I still shake at seeing that tree you drove under…you naughty girl!
    I appreciated you sharing your experience, too. Amazing how it affected us all.

  2. I just LOVE the knitting bank!!!

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