and now for some pink ones…

First let me say that it looks like winter out my office window… rain, fog and wind!   It’s ok while I’m knitting or while I have to be at work, but it better get nice before next weekend! 

Next weekend is the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon.  3 of us went last year and it was an awesome day, so I’d like to repeat that again this year.

I finished my Mariner socks!

and I wore them yesterday…

but they brought no luck to the Mariners!  (sorry)

It’s time to make pink socks… I started a new pair of socks for BethAnn!  She is a little girl my mom babysits.  She began kindergarten this year and she loves pink.  So I think she should have some new socks.  I picked the Flame Wave pattern in the Interweave 25 fav socks book.  But I didn’t like the way it just looked jumbled up. 

I think I will make the Flame Wave sock, but I’ll use the Cascade Fixation in a solid color – oh yeah, that means I need to stop in at my LYS!!!!  Anyway, back to the pink socks… I pondered awhile and looked at tons of sock patterns but didn’t see what I wanted so I’m making this pattern up as I go (yes, I’m writing it down so I can make a second sock too!) 

I love the picot cuff and the little bumps remind me of raspberry seeds for some reason.  I’m almost ready to start the heel and I think that shall be the Eye of Partiridge.  As for the toe we may go for a star toe… not sure yet.

Soon it will be time to get back to my own pink stuff… yes, my sweater.  For now it will wait a little longer.

Well, last Tuesday night was Knit-Nite and it was wonderful!  We talked a little bit about Ravelry and I got to thinking that I should check and see where I am on the list and guess what!  I’m in now!  This may take many hours to get my stuff in here.  I’m still fumbling around a little, but I’m getting the hang of it.  I really love being able to look at other people’s projects.  A couple of things that I thought I might like to make someday, I now know I will not be making.  And one other project just got moved up in the line!

OK, the dogs are driving me crazy, they keep jumping up at me and want to go out.  So I’ll call it a night!


4 responses to “and now for some pink ones…

  1. Oh gosh, I love those socks!!!!! An orignal, no less. Did you have those socks on today? We lost again, y’know. Maybe you better put those socks away for awhile. lol

  2. You’ve been tagged by me by something going around the ‘net. Check it out and feel free to participate or not.

  3. I love those socks. Before I read what you said, I thought it looked like raspberries too. Mariners have won two against Oakland now – did you put the socks away? LOL

  4. The mariners socks look great! And I just LOVE the pink sock!!

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