it’s time to block…

I finished my Lace Leaf Shawl at lunch time today!  I am so excited to have this done, well almost done.  Let’s just say I’m thrilled to have it off the needles!  Now it’s time to block.  However, I don’t have enough pins to do this so I’ll have to stop on my way home tomorrow night and get some.  I have 20 quilting pins and that’s it. 

I made up the small pattern and it is… small.  I can’t wait to see how much bigger it will be after blocking.  I’ll post all the details when I post the final pictures.


Up close pre-blocking…

The color is hard to get right, I’ll take the next photos outside when I’m completely done. 

I already can’t wait to start another shawl.  I started looking at other shawl patterns and I really like the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and Charlotte’s Easy Lace Shawl designed by Lily Chin (Fiber Trends pattern), and I’ve seen many others too.  But I’m not forgetting what is waiting for me in my cute little pink purse (knitting purse).  It’s my Sausalito sweater!!!  And it’s time to go knit on it now.

2 responses to “it’s time to block…

  1. This is just beautiful! I can’t wait to see it. Life is getting crazier here!

  2. That is so pretty. The pattern is lovely.

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