under the weather…

 Well all was going well on Sunday morning, and then things took a quick sharp turn.  By noon I was sick.  I am not good at being sick.  My husband works from home in our office.  This morning between 7 and 10am he decided to check on me about every 45 minutes.  It about drove me nuts, I was just sound asleep and in he would walk with the dogs.  So now the dogs are all over me on the bed, excited with the possiblity that I might be about to take them outside.  I know he means well, and I love the dogs, but all I wanted to do was sleeep!  

Here it is Tuesday evening and I’m finally feeling a little better.  Now it just feels like I have a bad head cold.  The worse part about being sick is I haven’t been able to knit!  I just don’t have the energy (and I can’t seem to stay awake long enough).   Tonight is Knit Night at The Yarn Corner so I should try to at least knit a little on my sweater.  I’ll give it go. And then off to bed to get rested up for a fun day at work tomorrow!

3 responses to “under the weather…

  1. Well I hope you felt a bit part of it since we emailed back and forth a few times. I do hope you are feeling better very soon.

  2. You were missed last night, I am sorry you have been sick.

  3. I missed seeing you at knit nite, didn’t realize that you were sick! (I am just now finally starting to catch up on all the blogs that I am so behind in reading)

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