Test Drive… Arcadia

Arcadia / Cascade Yarns
154 yards per ball
80% Pima Cotton & 20% Angora
Test Drive color: 4203 (lime green – shown in the picture)
Gauge per yarn label: 6 sts per inch on size 5 needles
(I got exactly this! and 8 rows per inch in height).
This yarn is also available in a DK weight.
116 yards per ball and 5.5 st per inch on size 6 needle.
Hand wash and lay flat are the care instructions.

arcadia yarn

Now how it knits up… You know that favorite Tee that you have that is sooooo soft, the one you should probably throw out, but you love the way it feels on your skin.  Or the cotton sweater that you have washed so many times you can’t remember what color it was originally, but you don’t care because it feels so good on… well that’s what this yarn feels like when it is knit up.  The yarn did tend to split a little, so drive slowly and with care.  Enjoy the yarn, and the experience.

I can’t wait to order this yarn for my sweater.  Now the hard part… what color.   Arcadia comes in 12 colors and I love red, but I’m leaning toward my test drive color number 4203 or number 4209, a very nice pink (shown in the picture).  Coming in third would be the number 4211 a purple-blue color.

This concludes my yarn test drive.  I hope it was of some help if you are thinking about knitting with this yarn.  I will definitely be ordering the DK weight, so I’ll let you know later how it goes.

Well I’ll decide on a color tomorrow, until then good night, and happy knitting.


3 responses to “Test Drive… Arcadia

  1. I love blogs and being able to see into your thinking process for this sweater. I am patiently waiting to see which color you choose. ;]

  2. Thank you for sharing the information you gathered from knitting with Arcadia. It is always nice to read reviews of the yarn before splurging and buying enough for a sweater.
    Good luck on your sweater!

  3. I just began knitting and this was the yarn I chose for my first project, a wrap. It is gorgeous and was easy to work with. The finished project is very soft.
    I love this yarn and will work with it again. In fact, I am on project #2.

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