a mixed bag…

This weekend has gone by soooooo fast!  (Saturday… cold, windy, sunshine, rain, a little everything.)We cleaned up the deck and Rick built a railing for our new BBQ to back up against.  (we get high winds without notice and we don’t want it tipping over like the old one did.) 

So while Rick played with the tools and wood,  I got the outdoor table and chairs cleaned up.  I decided that the skirt thing that went around the table had to go.  And when I took it off… an idea hit me!  I could put flowers on the shelves!  We have had this tall table & chairs for 6 years now.  Considering the weather here I think it has done well.  (The salt air/water tends to eat everything!)  Anyway here’s what the table looks like with the skirt thing off (and pre-flowers). 

table & chairs

Maybe the deer won’t be able to eat the flowers in here.  Well, I can hope. 

I also got the windfeathers from our wedding last summer out of storage and put them up.  They are very colorful and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of keeping the ducks and geese off our dock.  The dock really needs to be cleaned, but that will happen on another day.

Saturday wrapped up with some movie (very memorable, I can’t even remember the name of it!), and making a few samples to check for the right gauge before I pick a yarn for my sweater.  I had some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece left over from a project last year and I decided to knit it up.  Then I decided to try some left over Cascade Pima Tencel. 

 2 samples

The colors are NOT what I’m going to use, but they really helped me to decide what kind of yarn I want for the sweater.  (That will come later!)  Anyway, here are all the samples I knit to help me see what size needles.  I even did a sample of the trim on the sweater. 

 all samples

The pattern called for size 7 needles but with the one in the middle (light blue pima tencel), I had to go down to 5’s! And the purple size 6 was ok.  I will make the final decision next week.  (Thank you Bunni for taking so much time with me on Friday to look through all the yarn books!)  I really like the tiny bow pattern, it’s very simple to remember and it’s an 8 row repeat!

Sunday… we jump in the car and hit the garage sales!  Lots of junk out there and I did good.  I only brought home 3 old knitting mags. 

Jack Frost Volume 41 from 1942 – Original price .25

1942 Jack Frost


1942 Jack Frost Ad

A 1950’s Knitting Primer with “50 easy knitting patterns and stitches to knit the Sampler Afghan – a lasting record of your knitting skill”.  Original price .35

Spinnovations 3 – 1975 – Idea book … 50 great looks for summer!  (eat your heart out Farrah Faucet)

Monday… The sun came out just before noon!  I grabbed my knitting and ran for the back deck.  This chair is great, it even has a built in yarn holder! 


I haven’t been working on these socks much, but they are a good sunshine knitting project.  I got this great purse on ebay a couple of weeks ago and I use it for a knitting bag.  Too cute, the socks coordinate well with it, don’t you think!


I was hoping to get more done on my shawl this weekend but, poof… the weekend seems to be about over.  Maybe during the movie tonight. (something he picked out, I’m sure it will be wonderful!) 

All things considered, it has been a good weekend.  I even managed to get some laundry done, and bake brownies for hubby.  Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice and warm.  And lucky me… it’s back to work! 🙂

Have a great week all!


4 responses to “a mixed bag…

  1. Well, I am excited to see the post-flower table! Good work getting so much done. Sorry I missed you but we had fun so I guess it’s ok. 🙂

  2. I like the pattern for your sweater, and good job doing swatches first. I may have to start checking out garage sales, what great magazines you found!

  3. Oh my goodness! I know this is going to come a bit out of left field, since this post is from four years ago.. but I’ve been Google-ing for the “Spinnovations 3 – 1975 – Idea book … 50 great looks for summer!” and your page came up! Do you still have that book? I’ve been searching for these patterns (http://knittingiris.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/vintagebsuits21.jpg), specifically the one on the far left.. is there any way you could scan and email me the pages with the pattern? I’d be eternally (or at least as long as the swimsuit lasts.. hahha) grateful!

  4. Dread Head Car

    Ahh Rachel I’ve been looking for that same pattern and found this page the same way!
    I will buy a PDF version of those patterns if you have them! Come on, you could make a killing doing that! Just think, there’s at least two of us that have been desperately looking for them, there’s got to be tons more people!

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