It’s decision time… last year I took a time out from making dips during the spring and summer because I was getting married.  And I cut way, way back at Christmas time.  Now I’m feeling the spice fairies calling my name.  I need to decide if I am going to get back in to production or just gear up at Christmas. 

Westport 2005This is 4th of July @ Westport, WA 2005

 I really love 4th of July and Labor Day weekend at Westport, both events are very friendly.  You meet lots of people and have a great time (and lots of great seafood).  It’s a lot of work getting ready and that will take away from some of my knitting.  I’ve been tossing this around so much in my mind that I’m almost dizzy. 

Now is the time to decide so that I can get stocked up on herbs and spices (only the really good fresh stuff) and get to making dip packets.  I have a couple of orders to fill and I want to take some to my mom next weekend.  I guess I’ll give it one more day.  It’s not like I’m going to get rich doing this, but I do love meeting people and having them sample the dips and tell me what they think, and how else they use the dip packets.  I love sharing with people all the recipes we have come up with, and lets not forget that during the slow time at the events, I could knit! 

OK… no waiting until tomorrow, I’ve made an executive decision and dips it will be!!  OK, I need to do some inventory work, and get ordering.  

I’ll post updates of my knitting tonight or tomorrow morning… right now I’m off to do some serious inventory stuff, and to try a few new ideas for dips too!  I’ll share more later… hey, I’m pretty excited about this.


3 responses to “Decisions…

  1. Well, it was fun to hear your thought process on this! 🙂 lol
    So glad we could help you reach a decision!

    I wish I could figure out how to get pictures on the blogroll…maybe I need to change templates…cuz I love your new button!

  2. I will have to visit you at your booth. Loved the dips you gave us at Christmas and am hungry for more!

  3. mmmm dips…yummy!
    I loved the dips that you gave at Christmas time, and also the time you brought them into the Yarn Corner!

    I’m happy for the chance to get more! 🙂

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