the happy dance…

Yes, it has been raining here,   

BUT we are doing the happy dance at our house.  My husband has a job!!!!  (there will be no photo’s of the happy dance being done, sorry.)  Not everyone knows this but he lost his job December 1st and it wasn’t the greatest Christmas and the months that followed were a little scary, but we remained hopeful. 

Lessons learned… when we lean on each other we can be very strong together, and another thing learned is that when things seem very dark, your friends can really make a huge difference.  And so I say Thank You, to all my friends that stepped in to give from their hearts, things that made me feel very special (you know who you are).  These special treats are forever etched in my soul.  Is it possible to hug your friends too much, and tell them how great they are?  I think not!!!!!  We don’t tell each other often enough sometimes, and you never know when it could make a huge difference in that person’s day.   I know it did mine, several times.

Last week I was attending an insurance/benefits meeting in Tacoma (for work), and we were discussing Wellness Plans.  Well, I thought I was going to be going to Wenatchee this week.  I was so excited because I haven’t seen my mom since Christmas and thought it would be fun to spend the weekend at her place on the way back from this Wellness Training.  Well I thought wrong.  I won’t be going.  So sorry mom.  Maybe I can get over the mountains to see her for Mother’s Day.   What should I knit her?  Any ideas?  It needs to be something that will not take too much time.  Maybe more socks, or a tank type top?  Help!

Tonight I am going to try to line my accessories bag and put a zipper in.  I DO NOT SEW!  Sewing is something my mom does.  Not me!  So this will be a big deal to me if I can figure this out.  Pictures to follow shortly I hope!  Remember I’m winging this whole thing together on the “what feels good and right” pattern in my head.

OK, I’m off to find a really big iced latte!  Life is soooooooooo sweet.

Iced Latte

3 responses to “the happy dance…

  1. Hurray! Glad things are turning around.

  2. This is my 2nd attempt to comment.

    I am soooo excited for you. Even in your hard times, you have really been a huge blessing to me!

    I can’t wait to see your lined bag…but you know I’m just itching to get my hand on those blobs!!!! haha See ya soon.

  3. On your eventful week post you said this, “I left out something that happened to me on Thursday, but that big news will follow later.” But you haven’t told! Can you tell now? I am dying of curiosity. lol

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