A new month & a new project or two…

I’ve been knitting on this and that.  I can’t seem to stick with anything lately, I started working on a new sweater (I call it my Crazy sweater)  I’m using all my left over yard from felted bags.  I think it will make a great sweater to wear with my jean skirt or jeans, or maybe just a throw on sweater because it’s cold and windy at the beach all the time!  It’s hard to see the true colors in this picture but it’s close.  This picture was taken before I finished the back.  There seems to be a lot of orange on top!  Also, it took me awhile to get the gauge right because the yarn I’m using is mostly Cascade 220.

Lys sweater back 

This is a more up close look of the FREE Berroco pattern called Lys

Lys Pattern 


I have also picked up this new sock yarn that I just had to have because I wanted something new. 

 Tofutsie Yarn

This is Tofutsies sock yarn, color #737 Footsteps. 

I love the lightweight feel of this yarn.  The yarn is thin and I’m using 2 circular size 0 needles.  I cast on 64 stitches the first time and found it was going to be too small, so I ended up with a CO of 80 stitches!!  That seems like a lot to me, but it worked out nicely.  I picked an easy pattern so I could knit on these socks at work during break and lunch.  I’m using the Madder Ribbed sock pattern out of the Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  I decided to try a different heel and toe with these socks too.  I’m breaking away from comfortable just a little. 

 Tofutsie sock

The heel is a Dutch or Horseshoe heel, and the toe started out to be the Pointed Toe in the book.  I don’t really like pointed toes, but I do like the way it decreases, so I just modified it a little at about round 24.  I started decreasing every other row and by round 27 I had 10 stitches left to kitchener stitch closed.  When I was finished with the first sock (on Friday at The Yarn Corner) I tried it on and my foot fell in love!  It was begging for the next one.  So I began…

 2nd Tofu sock

Then where are the Roza socks you are wondering?  Well they are happily sitting in my knitting bag at work.  Oh, and the Green Gable sweater… well it’s sitting in another knitting bag.  I went around to house looking into every bag and drawer finding all my knitting projects and wrote them down and what stage of the game they are at currently and I was so surprised at how many projects I have going.  I guess this means I am real knitter now!  Well this wonderful list I made… I was going to type it into the computer and now I can’t even find it.  I’m sure it’s probably marking a page in a knitting book or something. 

 Speaking of knitting books…

knitting books

last weekend I wasn’t feeling well.  So I checked out a million (they felt like they weighed that much) books at the library.  I enjoyed my sick day, and dreamed of all the awesome things I would like to knit someday.  And I laughed (sometimes out loud) at some of the goofy crap that I ran across too!

The other day it was so sunny and beautiful I grabbed the camera to get a shot of the lake with our house making a shadow.  I can almost feel summer… well not today… it’s rainy and windy again.  But I know the sun wants to make a come back soon!

House Lake Shadow

Just thought I would add this picture to show my mom what plants made it through the winter (and the ones that didn’t)!

dead plants

Yes, my blog has changed again… the picture is something I’m working on that I’ll show more of when it’s completed!

Happy Easter to you all and I hope you are warm and safe today.

8 responses to “A new month & a new project or two…

  1. The sock looks geat. I need to get my hands (or feet) on some Tofutsies too!

  2. I LOVE the sweater!!!!! Love the sock, too…I need to make some soon. I do like your new look.

  3. Can’t wait to see what it is you are working on that you have pictured at the top – looks interesting, as does your sweater. I cast on 72 on zero’s for my tofu socks, I think they will work for me. I would usually have 64 on a zero, but that was too tight.

  4. I forgot to say – Happy Easter!!

  5. I love, LOVE that sweater! What a wonderful pattern.
    I can’t wait to try the tofutsies yarn!

  6. I’ve heard great stuff about the Tofutsies, I’m glad to hear you liked it too.

    And the colors in that sweater are so fun. Just the right thing to throw on when it’s gray and cold outside.

  7. What a pretty header!!! hmmmm wonder where you got it!

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