ONE YEAR ! ! ! ! !

It’s my 1 year Knitting Anniversary!!!!! 

 Happy 1 Year

One year ago today I made my first purchase of needles and yarn from The Yarn Corner… and the rest is pure bliss!  Thank you all for your help, knowledge and friendship.  It’s been a great knitting year!  Here’s to 100 more!


4 responses to “ONE YEAR ! ! ! ! !

  1. It’s been fun for me, too! You are so much fun!

    Also…I’m sure enjoying the book, trying to go slow so I don’t finish it tomorrow! haha

  2. Wow! Happy first knittiversary!

  3. Ok…now you have given me the bug and I am playing w/my design too….but I have messed it up and have decided to play it safe once I got it back again! We must talk about this. ugh.

  4. love that new banner! Where is that sweater?

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