Day Light Savings Clock

No, it’s not all one word, that’s just the way it makes me feel.  All squished up, and rushed.  I love daylight, but I love sleep too!  I think we actually loose an hour running around changing the time on everything in our homes.  On the brighter side… the clock in my car is now correct!

I didn’t get enough sleep last night… stayed up to completely frog my Green Gable back to the slip knot!!!  Two things happened to lead to this.  ONE: I found 2 little mistakes.  And TWO:  I couldn’t figure out where I left off.  And that lead to THREE: I needed to start over. 

Before the big unwinding… (where I am now, it’s picture worthy).

Green Gable in Pinecone

Another thing has happened since I began the GG (I think this was in July), I’m knitting much better now, and can fix most of my mistakes, and can read patterns very well now.  So it’s ok, I’m enjoying working on needles bigger than a size 1.  Not, to say I don’t love sock knitting.  It’s the best take along knitting ever, and I love knitting on socks at work. 

Enough blog reading and writing for today… I want to get a hour or two of knitting in tonight, before an early bedtime. 

Oh, one more thing on the sweater front… I have been looking at (and drooling over) several Kim Hargreave’s patterns.  I love to post pictures so here we go – these are all from the Kim Hargreaves website.

Like… Glimmer


and Dream…


and Wispy….


and Temptation…


and the ever popular Glee (shown in medium blue and navy)



A couple of these sweaters are knit with Rowan Summer Tweed (I love the look of this yarn, and hope to knit with it, or something like it soon).  One of these patterns will surely make it to my house one day.  I’m not sure about when, but I do really love them.  I saw Glimmer, and Glee knitted up on a couple of blogs and that’s what lead me to think… I must get this pattern.

Ok, I’ve been going on about sweaters for long enough, time to get back to some actual knitting.

One response to “DayLightSavingsTime…

  1. I like the new theme!
    All those sweaters are beautiful – it is so hard to choose sometimes isn’t it!? The pic of the GG reminded me that I did buy the pattern…maybe I should just buy some yarn and get started on it! (soon)

    The change to daylight savings time always confuses my body too! I’ll be off for weeks now!

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